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Change mihail wraiths's sound to Oblivion version,adjust the wraiths ability.

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The elder scrolls IV: Oblivion once was my favorite game,for that reason,I am so happy to see Mihail has finally added Oblivion's Wraiths to the Skyrim.
This mod will change mihail wraiths's sound to Oblivion version,and will remove vanilla sound.

So sorry about my mistake,I have been already forget that  sound of ghost and Wraith are different.Now this mistake has been corrected.


1.Install the mihailWraiths(https://www.nexusmods.com/skyrim/mods/91212)

2.Overlay my file to your data.

3.Unzip the Oblivion - Sounds.bsa by use BSAopt,and find 'wraith'folder in this path:Sound\fx\npc\Wraith,select all subfolders,move them into TES5's Data\Sound\fx\mihailwraiths.esp.


I have already upload my Chinese translation on this post,so no need to translate it again.

Mihail Wraiths Overhaul v1.0
Weaken the wraiths ability,now their health are only 1/6.and also weakens their physical attack and Spell.
Replace Wraiths with ghosts in Abandoned Prison,for Wraiths is too dangerous for Live Another Life's players.
1.1 - add a complete set of sounds.Thanks for CrysisDegen's assist.
Better and more powerful wraiths.
Use this mod with my Mihailghosts overhaul ver1.5(https://www.nexusmods.com/skyrim/mods/91296).