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Re-balances all equipment in the game based on the player's level. This is primarily to deal with unbalanced mod armors, but it also affects vanilla armor too.

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Have you ever found a truly fantastic looking weapon or armor mod, downloaded it, started a new game, done whatever it was you needed to do to acquire the armor, and then realized that it was so overpowered/weak that the game wouldn't be fun anymore if you used it? Well then, this mod might be for you.

It might also be for you if you just really love the way low level gear looks and hate to let it go as you enter the late game, but don't want to deal with laddering alchemy potions to get the Uber Potion of Ultimate Excessive Fortify Smithing!

Mod Equipment Rebalancer will alter the base armor/damage value of any equipment that you pick up to be suitable for your level. This balancing is based on the assumption that you'll want daedric quality gear at level fifty, but you can adjust this by using the console command "set LevelForDaedric to #" with # being the level when you'd like all gear to be equivalent to daedric quality. Levels below one will be treated as one.

Bare in mind that this affects NPC gear too, so long as they're wearing something you've picked up before. Though the NPC's gear will be set based on the last time you picked it up. So, if you want to keep them updated, you should loot enemy equipment, even if you're just going to throw it away immediately.

Also, each class of weapon or armor is balanced separately. So, leather armor will still be weaker than heavy and daggers still won't hit as hard as crossbows (before considering perks, enchantments, etc.).

There's now an option to rebalance the gold values of equipment as well. You'll need to downloaded the optional version of the file and the feature will be off by default. You can turn it on by using the console command "set RebalanceGoldValue to 1" (no quotes). You can also adjust the speed with which the equipment values increase using "set GoldScalingFactor to #" with # being the level at which you'd like everything to be equivalent in value to endgame gear. By default, it's fifty. Be aware that it scales exponentially rather than linearly, so small changes to this value may have a large impact on prices.

Since many mod armors contain far more than the standard four pieces, only shields and the armor pieces that fill the normal slots (circlet, feet, body, hands) used by every vanilla armor set will be given armor ratings. All others will be set to 0. Armor pieces that count as multiple standard types (boots + chest for example) will be given armor ratings that reflect this.

The equipment's original values may be reset whenever the game is reloaded. This shouldn't happen anymore, but if it does, just swap your weapon (or take any other piece of equipment off) and it'll fix itself. Also, your followers' equipment will reset with every load, so you'll need to update their gear if you don't want it to have its original stats. Equipment Trader can help with this.

If you "coc riverwood" (or wherever) instead of starting the game normally, you'll need to drop your shield and pick it up again. I'm not sure why this is, but it doesn't seem to crop up in any other circumstance, so fixing it isn't a high priority. If you encounter this problem outside of this instance, please let me know. 

The gold rebalancing feature is far from perfect, which is why it's optional and off by default. I'm working on improving it, but it will never be perfect. The problem mainly being clothing and jewelry. For the moment, I've set a hard cap on their values based on the most valuable vanilla item of their type if they're unenchanted, and left them alone otherwise. I'm also ignoring staves. Please consider this version to be in beta for the time being.

Also, for the gold rebalancing feature, it only works after you've picked up the item, so the first one will still have the same value. This only really matters if you're buying or crafting the item, but these are also the two places where the problem this addition is trying to deal with tends to matter the most.


This mod will be incompatible with any mod that alters the base armor or damage rating of equipment. Mods like Armor Rating Rescaled or Improved Armor Formula should not be affected as they modify something else, though it's not been tested.

This mod requires SKSE.


Just use your favorite mod manager, or place the esp with your other plugins
(...\Steam\steamapps\common\Skyrim\Data), the scripts with your other
scripts (...\Steam\steamapps\common\Skyrim\Data\scripts) and the source
files with your other sources

Use your mod manager's normal procedure, or delete the files from the locations where you placed them.


If anyone would like to port this over to SSE, feel free. Just credit me
and link back here. Also, please don't ask me to provide support for it.
I don't have SSE, nor can my computer run it.

If you notice any issues, please let me know in the Posts section.

Consider my other mod: Equipment Trader. It will allow you to quickly swap your equipment with your follower's and back again to update both sets without the hassle of dialogue trees and disparaging comments about carrying your burdens.

Thanks to The Pale Redguard over on the forums for letting me know that this would affect everyone, which greatly changed how this was implemented.