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This mod adds a safe (non-respawning) container at the end of Helgen Keep. Satisfy your need to keep all the loots.

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Do you need to drag every item out of Helgen Keep? Does it bother you that you might be leaving something behind, and do you drag every basket and bucket to Lucan's shop despite how long it takes?

This mod adds a safe (non-respawning) container at the end of Helgen Keep. You can put stuff in it. You can come back later to take it back. That's it.

It's right around the corner from the bear den. It's close enough to the spawn point that you're likely to meet a nasty Frostbite Spider (or worse) when you come back for your stuff, so it's not likely that you'll want to do that very often. That makes it balanced. Right?

I made this mod for myself to help me get over my peculiar tendencies. Use it, don't use it, who cares.

Disclaimer: This mod may set your clothes on fire, make your cat love someone else, destroy all life on the planet, or anything else unpleasant, really. Make a save before installing (for however much progress you think you've made by the time you want this mod) and be prepared to start over from the intro sequence anyway.

Uninstallation: I haven't noticed any impact, other than the sack disappearing, along with its contents, obviously.

Support: lol no.