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This is my second Skyrim mod, which is an improvement of the first one - Fortify skill spells. Since in the old mod, spells were set in wrong school (according to Morrowind and Oblivion), I decided to make a brand new mod which includes all the spells from Fortify skills spells, and many more in other schools of magic.

The whole point of this mod is to bring back old spells from Morrowind and Oblivion, which weren't already included in Skyrim. For now, most spells are from Restoration and Destruction schools. In difference from the old mod, spell magnitude is reduced, and all spells can be dual casted. All spells are Novice level, but that will change with future updates. This mod is still being developed, some spells are bugged, but updates are coming, as well as new spells in other schools like Sanctuary, Drain skill, Drain magicka, Nighteye, Bound armor...

List of included spells:
- fortify (health, magicka, stamina)
- fortify skill (destruction, two-handed, barter,smithing...)
- resist (frost, fire, magic, poison, shock)
- restore stamina
- cure disease
- cure poison (bugged)

- feather (fortify carry weight)
- waterwalking (bugged, works if you run and jump constantly)

- weakness to fire, frost, shock

Example gameplay for Fire Mage
- Vanilla: upon encountering a Flame Atronach you try using Flames, but he's resisting the spell... in panic you start to run, and he kills you.
- With this mod: upon encountering a Flame Atronach you double cast Resist Flames, double cast Fortify Destruction, hit him with Weakness to Fire spell, then use the same flames he's made of, to bring upon his destruction :)

List of known bugs:
- When reloading savegame in the same cell, where spell tome vendors are - they dissapear from their inventory. To fix this, restart Skyrim.
- In magic menu, all spells show mana cost per second
- Cure poison and Waterwalking don't work properly

Just paste in your Data folder.
All spells are sold at Mages College, by vendors that belong to certain schools.