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Allows you to exchange your current outfit with that of a mannequin or a follower that's been modified to not have a set outfit.

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This mod adds a power to the game that allows you to exchange your currently equipped gear with that of the targeted NPC. The NPC does not need to currently be your follower. To avoid item duplication though, they are required to not have a set outfit (the gear that magically reappears when you remove it from them). This can be easily accomplished with other mods like UFO.

The power will be added automatically the first time you start or load a game with the mod installed.

All mannequins in the game are also changed to equip more than ten armor items and to display a menu when activated. The menu will allow you to either swap armor (but not shields) with them, or access their inventories like normal.

Equipping the player follows the same rules as NPC equipping as far as I can tell. That means that if you have the item you're receiving already, you may equip that instead of the one you received. If this is important for some reason (say if one had an enchantment you needed and the other didn't), then you'll need to double check that the correct one was equipped.

This mod uses scripts, so a new game may be required. If anyone knows how to alter it so that a new game will probably not be required, please let me know.

This is my first mod, so there may be issues I'm unaware of. Please let me know in the Posts or Bugs sections if you find any.


The mannequin sections of this mod are not likely to be compatible with any other mod that alters mannequins. This mod should cause the mannequins to simply open their inventories as usual if other mannequin mods are installed and placed lower than it in the load order.

A patch to add compatibility for Female Mannequins in Homes is available in the files section. Place it below FMiH in the load order. If you don't have a body replacer installed that removes underwear though, the mannequins will be wearing underwear.

Mod authors wanting to add this functionality to their own mannequins should feel free. The relevant script is MannequinGearTradeOnActivateScript. Just remember to credit me and link back here.

For this mod to work on followers (or other NPCs), it will be necessary to have another mod installed to remove their default outfits. There are several that do this, though I only remember Ultimate Follower Mod off the top of my head. With UFO, it's the dialogue options "You know..." and "You could dress better."

This mod requires SKSE 1.06.15 or later.


Just use your favorite mod manager, or place the esp with your other plugins (...\Steam\steamapps\common\Skyrim\Data), the scripts with your other scripts (...\Steam\steamapps\common\Skyrim\Data\scripts) and the source files with your other sources (...\Steam\steamapps\common\Skyrim\Data\scripts\Source).

The latest version (1.1.1) makes changes to the scripts used in previous versions. This means that you'll probably want to hold off on upgrading until you start your next run. Once you're ready to upgrade though, you just need to replace the files, or let your mod manager do it for you.

Use your mod manager's normal procedure, or delete the files from the locations where you placed them.


If anyone would like to port this over to SSE, feel free. Just credit me and link back here. Also, please don't ask me to provide support for it. I don't have SSE, nor can my computer run it.

I'd like to thank whoever wrote the article about slot masks on the creation kit wiki and the wonderful people over on the forums who helped me with various questions I had while writing this mod: foamyesque, PeterMartyr, and ReDragon2013.