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Adds a potion named "Potion of the Beast" which when consumed allows you to transform into a werewolf. This allows you to use the werewolf form without having to actually become a werewolf through the companions quest line.

Permissions and credits
The "Potion of the Beast" allows the player a one time transformation into a werewolf upon consumption. This means that you transform into a werewolf without actually becoming one. It is essentially a consumable Ring of Hircine, without the cool down. But that means that if you run out of potions, you can't use the werewolf power. Useful if you want to have a backup plan in case your health runs low while fighting a powerful enemy, as it also increases your heal-rate for 20 seconds, and fortifies your health for 15 seconds, both by a value of 1000, making you practically invincible while transforming and for a few seconds afterward. Also useful if you want to be a werewolf without joining the companions, as well as for role playing purposes if you want to have the power of a werewolf without associating with the Daedra.
Currently you can find 5 potions in a barrel next the the alchemy table in the Arch Mages Quarters

Future Plans
-Add potions to leveled lists
-Restrict use of skill tree when using potion
-Add follower functionality
-Add basic model once I figure that out