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Craft arrows anywhere.

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Do you ever worry about running out of arrows when you're nowhere near a blacksmith forge? Well now you can craft arrows literally anywhere!

Portable Arrow Crafting comes to you from B1gBadDaddy, the author of Hunting in Skyrim, allowing the player to craft arrows anywhere in the world using an Arrow Crafting Kit.

You can craft a kit at a blacksmith forge, or you can find one at Hunter's Rest on the table inside the shack. Then you simply activate it in your inventory. Easy! It even has a nice animation.

This mod adds a new (craftable) miscellaneous item: Arrow Crafting Kit. Activate it in your inventory to open the crafting menu and start making some arrows. The recipes follow the same as added by Dawnguard, and each arrow type (aside from Iron) requires the necessary Smithing perk to craft it; just like a forge.

You need 1 x Firewood and 1 x Ingot. You can make 24 arrows, or 10 crossbow bolts.

Recommended: Use Nexus Mod Manager or equivalent.
Manual: Extract the ESP and BSA files, and put them in your Data folder.

Always follow modding best practices when installing or updating this mod.

Also available for Skyrim Special Edition.

Requires: Dawnguard and Dragonborn DLC.

Credits: Hawk Feathers in a Jar model from Modder's Resource Pack by Oaristys and Tony67.

Permissions: Feel free to use any part of this mod in your own project as long as you credit myself and the Modder's Resource Pack authors.

Portable Arrow Crafting will be built into my hunting overhaul, Hunting in Skyrim.