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This mod simply makes healing potions heal more HP. 3 different versions available.
I created this to fulfill a user request on r/skyrimmods.

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This mod simply makes healing potions heal more HP. Three different versions are available.

The Potion of Ultimate Healing wasn't changed, as it already gives you full health.
I also did not alter any of the potions the player can create at an alchemy table.

I made this to fulfill a mod request on r/skyrimmods.


NOTICE: Use only one of the versions!

NMM, Vortex, MO:

Just download one of the versions with your manager and install them as usual. Then activate the esp.

Manual installation:

Drag and drop the "DYL_Better_Healing_Potions_Vxxx.esp", found in the downloaded zip,
into your ...\Steam\steamapps\common\Skyrim\Data folder, and activate the esp in your game launcher.


Just uninstall the mod with your Mod Manager, or delete the esp from your Data folder.


Generally speaking this is compatible with almost anything.
However it isn't compatible with
mods, that change the same items.
If you are using a mod that changes these potions,
but want to use the changes I made, just load my mod after the other one.

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