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A very simple mod to open the inventory of any NPC in skyrim. Also comes with a spell to auto-loot everything from an NPC without opening inventory, auto loot and more. Many potential applications and usages!

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  • German
There is also an SE Version of this mod!

This mod is a very simple spell which will open the inventory of any target NPC. Another version was originally designed as part of an upcoming mod, but I find the feature quite fun and useful so I made this standalone version. There is also a spell to automatically loot everything from an NPC without needing to open the inventory, including their clothes. If you use auto loot whilst sneaking, it will automatically loot the items to your secret stash. Your secret stash is accessible wherever you are, whenever you like and can be used to store whatever you want. Also included is a carry weight ability to give your character around 50,000 carry weight. 

All of the spells will be automatically be added to the player when the mod is started. All of the spell tomes are also available to purchase in Riverwood Trader. To use the spells, just aim at any NPC and cast the spell. Easy. 

Possible uses:

  • Checking the inventory of NPC
  • A secret stash to hoard all your belongings
  • Taking the outfit of any NPC
  • Trading with unresponsive NPC/removing items from them
  • Checking your mods
  • "Stealing" from a distance
  • Giving weapons to enemies to change the style of battle. 
  • Robbing an NPC blind without needing to pickpocket or risk incurring a bounty and items aren't classed as stolen so can be sold to any merchant.
  • Levelling up conjuration skill. Why not?
  • Stealing the items of an enemy so they can only try to beat you to death with their fists.
  • Steal keys and stalk NPCs hoping you just locked them out their own house.
  • Become an anti-hunting activist and steal weapons from every hunter in Skyrim
  • Disarm the thalmor
  • Disarm the stormcloaks and arm the Imperials better.
  • Making Sheogorath proud
  • Forcing the citizens of skyrim to become nudists.
  • Taking not only NPCs life savings but earthly belongings and keys.

Be imaginative. It is for fun, there are lots of possibilities if you set your mind to it. This mod is 100% made to have fun and maybe roleplay as a prankster mage.

Important notes

As of v1.3, there is a second Open Inventory Spell. "Open Inventory - Outfit" should only be used on NPC who's outfit you intend to take. In every other case, use the original spell. The great majority of the time this spell will work flawlessly on any NPC, allowing you to steal EVERYTHING. It also randomly generates them a new outfit. 

Here are any issues you may come across when using this new spell and what you can try:
1) Character becoming nude and/or inventory is empty when it should not be. 
Fix: Give the NPC an equippable weapon or armor. E.g: Dagger, helmet. 
2) Can't take anything from the inventory

Fix: Exit the menu and use the original open inventory spell. If taking the items normally does not work, try trading a weapon. 

With great power comes great responsibility. I can't be held responsible if this mod is in any way misused and screws up a quest/NPC or for loss of items. As a general rule: Don't remove items from an NPC that is part of a quest or give your prized possessions to a stranger. Have some common sense when using the mod and have fun.

I have a discord community - I extend the claw of welcome to anyone who would like to join: