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This mod adds the Breton Warrior Miley to Skyrim.

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Hi. I am ARTA14.
I am not good at English. So I use a google translator.

This mod adds the Breton Warrior Miley to Skyrim.
She has no special skills. She is very ordinary.
She uses Light armor and one-handed mace weapon.
She is essential. and you can marry her.

Depending on the ENB you use, it may be different from the screenshot I uploaded.(I use anko ENB.)
I don't want you to be disappointed after you install this mod.
So, please see the vanilla screenshot without the ENB applied.

I wonder what my character will look like on someone else's skyrim.
If you don't mind, please post your great screenshot.

Thank you.

Follower Information
Name : Miley
Race : Breton
Combat Style : One-Hand
Location : Silver-Blood Inn(Markarth)
Body Style : CBBE / UNP
Perks : LightFoot, Armsman, Bone Breaker, Fighting Stance, Critical Charge, Savage Strike, Paralyzing Strike, Agile Defender, Custom Fit, Matching Set, Unhindered, Wind Walker, Deft Movement

RaceMenu :
Fair Skin Complexion :
돼구리얌 Skin : I lost my link.

Adorable Face :
KS Hairdos :
The Eyes Of Beauty :