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Add a ring which quickly fix "Glowing Eye Bug"

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Recently I suffer the "Glowing Eye Bug" many times. So I made this to fix it quickly.
This add a ring named "Cure Curse Ring"

Change log
Changed equip slot to 61 to avoid interfere with other equipments.
--Because I take this bug so frequently. It's getting bother even to re-equip usual ring after use this. (Sometimes I forgot)

Add strong box in Hall of the Dead of Whiterun. It contains 5 pcs of this ring.
--Why 5 pcs? For followers. I noticed that I can glow eyes whenever I want with this ring. If give this to follower, they also glow. A bit funny.

How to use
  • When glowing eyes has happened, just equip this ring and then unequip. Then eyes will be cured.
  • When you want to glow your eyes, just equip this and keep it.

How to get
Take from the strong box in Hall of the Dead of Whiterun.

DLC Dragonborn

This is similar behavior as below console command.
equip the ring -> "player.addspell f71d1"
unequip the ring-> "player.removespell f71d1"
f71d1 is "Draugr's Abilities"; the cause of glowing eye.