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Four small player homes, customized for different characters.

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After I play a character for a while and get attached, I always build them a place they can call home.

This mod contains:

House just outside Whiterun
Here is where Mary Ann
, the imperial paladin takes her time to rest in between adventures

Makeshift bed in the woods, west of Falkreath Watchatower
he orc druid´╗┐ Duk has little contact with civilization, instead prefering to be immersed in nature

Hidden shack behind the Winking Skeever
The gambling problems of Calvin, the Breton Rogue left him homeless and looking for a way to make quick coin

Wizard tower near the Winterhold College
With the cunning use of magical force fields, the Altmer Witch Liberlath turned a frozen tower ruin into a verdant greenhouse

Each home comes in a different file so you can pick and choose wich one to install.