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A High Definition Re-imagining of Skyrim's Ebony Armor

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Divine Aegis HD - Ebony Armor Rehaul

Divine Aegis in action.

Vimeo Link:

This is a re-imagining of Skyrim's Ebony Armor.

Allows you to Craft Divine Aegis and Sword of the Divine Aegis at the forge. Daedric Smithing Perk is Required.

Long Description:

After taking a small break after finishing my first mod "Mystic Elven Armor", I started looking at the other vanilla armors in skyrim trying to find something that was missing. It didn't take very long to figure out what I needed to make next.

My first character in Skyrim was a heavy armor, sword and board user. I specialized in healing magic, while wading into melee combat.

Essentially I had made a paladin.

Despite rather liking the vanilla dragonbone armor, I was a little dissapointed with the fact that there didn't seem to be any "Light" inspired armors in Skyrim. Everything was either Dark, Grungy, Evil or all of the above, but there didn't really seem to be any weapons or armor that a "good guy" would really wear. As one of the NPC's so aptly put it "Everyone in Skyrim is obsessed with death" and the armors seemed to follow that theme.

This armor is my attempt to give Paladin type characters like mine something more "Divine" to wear.

Critical Contributor(s):

Shodan44 provided many of the meshes that you will be enjoying in this reskin, he was absolutely essential in fixing many of the failings in the original vanilla mesh.

Shodan's meshes fixed the following:

- Much larger Ebony Shield.

An increased shield size, because Paladins don't use wimpy sized shields.

- Improved Female Armor Mesh

This armor has an enhanced female armor mesh, this mesh fixes many glaring bugs while also giving the female mesh a much less bulky form.

- Improved Male Armor Mesh

The Male Meshes included within this pack fix many glaring problems, including a fix to the ebony helmet and neck.

Because of Shodan this armor came out 100x better than it would have using the initial meshes.

Minor Contributor(s)


Texture remaster
Divine Aegis HD Remaster:


Horse Meshes Provided by MystikHybrid
Dwarven Horse:


The cape mesh was provided by Zenl, his original file is hosted here:


The original weapon mesh for the Divine Aegis sword was provided by Newermind43, his original file is hosted here:, this sword is no longer part of the main file, however I still appreciate Newermind43 letting me use his model.


- Set up Standalone and saved me a shit ton of work.


- Initial base mesh rigfixes


- Initial base helm fixes.

Future Plans:

- none

Known Issues:

Summoning bound sword after uninstalling mod causes a crash to desktop.

Solution: After uninstalling this mod, save your game again and load the new save. You should no longer receive a crash.


Update 3/19/2012

Version 1.5.1

- Added small file to fix sword texture issue. Extract to data folder after installing 1.5 Standalone.


Update 3/18/2012

Version 1.5

-Divine Aegis Sword model replaced with new custom model created solely by me (Sader) this is my first ever fully original product.
-Male mesh cubemap bugfix


Update 3/5/2012

Version 1.4.1

- Tiny Fix for the Shield Mesh so that it would match armor better, as I forgot to change the cubemap. This is a very small separate file that needs to be extracted to the Data folder.


Updated 3/4/2012

Version 1.4

- Divine Aegis Cape now craftable under Daedric

Mesh provided by Zenl

His mod can be found here:


Update 3/1/2012

- Known Issues updated.
- ESP fix updated to 1.3.7 to REFIX mannequin bug that I somehow let slip through again.


Update 3/1/2012

Update 1.3.6

- Uploaded small ESP patch to refix Divine Aegis Bulwark to be unenchanted.


Update 2/26/2012

Divine Aegis

Version 1.3.5 Fixes

- Fixed issue with female mesh textures and weight slider.

Sader Horsepack

Version 1.1 Fixes

- Horses should no longer attack player after being attacked.

- Raven Saddle Overhauled

- Raven Armor texture bug fixed.

- Saint now has golden horseshoes (bling bling).


Update: 2/24/2012

Version 1.3


- Sader Horses v1.0 file added. (Contains both Mystic Elven Raven and Divine Aegis Saint).

Both horses are located on the same small island as the Lady Stone. Check "Location.jpg" located inside download file.

Horse Meshes Provided by MystikHybrid
Dwarven Horse:

- Male Neck mesh Fix, should now show properly with helmet off
- All armors should show up on manequins now.
- Fixed Aegis Sword Banishment Bugs, Should work as advertised.
- Reworded Enchants and Fixed Resists to all be fire.


Update 2/21/2012

Version 1.2

- Sword of the Divine Aegis added and is now craftable at the forge under Daedric


This sword comes with a two unique effects

1) Unique Weapon Aura that banishes atronochs.

2) Mass AOE stagger, *WARNING* This ability can launch opponents on death, so be careful if you REALLY want to loot someone, I suggest not killing them outside =) *WARNING*

Both of these effects only occur when the weapon is charged.

ACTIVATION: Charge weapon with soulgem.

- Bulwark of the Divine Aegis (Empowered) added and is now craftable at the forge under Daedric


1) This shield comes with a word that absorbs 50 points of magic damage. Becareful however, when the ward overloads it causes a slight stagger to the weilder.

ACTIVATION: Block with the Bulwark

- Divine Aegis (Empowered) added and is now Craftable at the forge under Daedric

This is a pre-enchanted version of Divine Aegis with a unique effect.

1) When the wearer of the armor BLOCKS and SNEAKS at the same time the Armor will enter a Last Stand mode, engulfing your character and any enemys in range with a holy flame.

ACTIVATION: Sneak (crouch) and Block at the same time.

The weapon mesh for this new sword was provided by Newermind43, his original file is hosted here:


Update 2/14/2012

Version 1.1

-Uploaded Standalone (version 1.1)


Updated 2/15/2012

Version 1.1.5

-Slight Bloom Reduction on Armor in Direct Light
-Various Fixes to Stand Alone
-Revised Item Names


Update 2/13/2012

Version 1.1

- Male Version Added
- Female and Male Textures vastly improved
- More mesh tweaks and fixes
- Image Gallery Updated


Update: 2/12/2012

Version 1.0

- Divine Aegis Retexture Uploaded (Female and Shield Only)
- Mesh and Armor Fixes for Male and Female Vanilla Armor
- Bugfix Female Ebony Gauntlets (Should no longer be excessively Dark)

Please remember to[size=10] ENDORSE[/size] this retexture if you like it!