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An adventure module about giants. May be used to skip The Fallen (including Season Unending) of the Skyrim main quest.

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Come in, come in... take a seat, or stoke the fire if you're cold... yes, of course, the fire is lit... yes that's the name of the inn, so you could say this is a giant's fire, I get it... What do you mean, the "real" giant fires are lit? Oh, you cannot possibly mean... yes, I've seen them in mountains all across the Rift, too... Do I know who built them? Nobody knows who they were, or what they were doing - but their legacy remains hewn into the mountains of south-eastern Skyrim... No, thanks, I don't need to know everything, what am I, a Herma-Mora worshipper...? (fingers crossed)... So, you're saying, a vast chunk of the trail has been recently lit up...? And on one end of this chunk, you've seen supersized wraiths? And how far did it go, all across... That much...! You went there alone, to the place of a painted cow offering, hoping to meet and talk to a giant, are you nuts? You are lucky you met none, then... If I lost my copy of the Legends of Giants, I would be thankful to gods that it didn't end up a worse disaster... But mine is hidden safely in the library in the Bard's College. Oh, so you say it was there you spotted the beacon fires lit for the first time? Don't tell me - I can see that in your eyes - you are eager to go back there, and explore more. Well, take my heed then - the higher the mountain, the more dangerous the fall... Me? No, thanks, gotta handle another batch of ale.

An artist's impression

This mods adds a dozen or so of mountain fire beacons in the Rift/Eastmarch mountain ranges.
Presumably they were connected by a line-of-sight in the days of yore, but the ravages of time misplaced some of them.

With much tenacity, you will find your way without any of the modern conveniences:
* Skyrim Borders Disabled
* A fov/zoom mod such as A Closer Look
* Riding a horse, flying a dragon, surfing a hawk (no, that's not a rickroll link)
* Clear Sky shout/spell
though I can imagine players might find some of the above useful indeed.

The ghost giants that are found at the end of the trail will send you on a fetch quest to the Reach (but after the Trail it should be not that more difficult... especially that the place is the same you visit during the main quest). As a reward you will be able to jump to Skuldafn/Sovngarde with them, as an alternative to "The Fallen" main quest. A reward, or a punishment... for if you kill or offend too many important NPCs with the Main Quest Dialogue Overhaul mod, this might be the last resort.

STREAMLINED FEATURES (for version 1.0)

- the beacon fires are lit all the time, day and night; there's no catch, just the bare-bones tedium of open world trail design: are you able to spot the next one? the painted giant stones sometimes mark the sightseeing point.

- you don't need anything special to speak to the ghost giants

- you don't need to complete the ghost giants quest to recruit some of them as civil war allies. It's done via CWAllies quest, so they should appear to support you in major hold city siege battles exteriors, similar to Hadvar or Ralof. Two ghost giants are recruited.

- you will be asked to go the other end of the trail to talk to the non-ghost giant, even if you learned from Arngeir or someone else where to find Alduin. NOTE: that giant does not appear in game until you do the fetch quest for the ghost giants

- the book that is required to read (in order to obtain a variant of Slow Time shout necessary to talk to the giants) is placed next to that one giant you will talk to. no extra dialogue for regular camp giants, too. (For a non-Dragonborn playthrough, you'd have to hack global value whatsitsname, VxSlowTimeIsOn iirc)

- that one giant will be able to toss you over the mountains to Skuldafn, and a chance you will fall into a water pond and survive. This is the backup alternate way to the backup alternate way added by this mod. (NOTE: need to increase the chance to be able to do that, it's set to something extremely small by default iirc).

- regardless of your main quest progress, there is no Odahviing boss fight at Skuldafn Temple; you still can beeline to the exit if you know what you're doing

- giants in assault on Skuldafn drop both of their giant toes, so you'll be able to gain on your "investement", if you want to optimize your playthrough for the number of giant toes, be warned that numbers above 15-20 (for the count giant toes collected the assault of Skuldafn) will play out more or less the same

- some new lines may have missing voice files, use Fuz Ro Doh for that


The book "The Truth About Mammoths" can be found next to a bloody ribcage, in a troll's lair, slightly elevated but close to one of the lit beacons of the trail.

Not an actual Skyrim game