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This mod adds my standalone follower, Xah'nala the Stygian (redguard race). She uses a custom eye makeup made by me.

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The Stygians ones are typically tan skinned with black hair. Many of the common people are descendants of various races across the world, including men of Shem, the Black Kingdoms, and the Hyborian kingdoms. Taians from the northeast province are taller, more slender, and darker of skin than the average Stygian, wearing dyed kilts to show clan allegiance.
Since ancient times Stygians worshipped the chaos serpent god Set. His cult was always strong in Stygia although worship of the noble and peaceful heron god Ibis took root in the Hyborian age. However Thoth-Amon banned the worship of Ibis and instituted the worship Set by force once more.

This mod adds my standalone follower, Xah'nala.

You can add screenshots! I'll be waiting yours

Name: Xah'nala
Hair Color: Black
Eye Color: Green/Gray
Essential: Yes
Level: Levels with PC
Combat Style: Assassin
Inventory list: x2 Glass Daggers
Armor: Basic Leather
Spells: None

Now she uses your installed body and skin.

She can be found inside the Bannered Mare (Whiterun), ready to follow you.

Kalilies for the hair.
LogRaam for the eyes.
Hvergelmir for the brows.
Bethesda for making this fantastic game.

Nexus for letting me hosting this mod.

C h a n g e l o g

  • Uploaded new version (1).
  • Fixed ESP.
  • Removed old version (0.8).
  • Removed unnecessary files.
  • Removed body meshes and skin textures. Now uses default ones.