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This Beauty was born of my nostalgia for the Moonshadow Elf Race mod in Oblivion.

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This Beauty was born of my nostalgia for the Moonshadow Elf Race mod in Oblivion. 
I already liked my characters facial features as her eye shape is slightly Elven, and her eyes are tilted inwards. Her facial structure has a strong V-shape and strong high cheekbones like the Mer, as well well as pointed ears, and of course the Moonshadow blue skin tone. Her hair is from KS Hairdo's, but of course, you can change it to whatever you like.
This is a preset created and saved within RaceMenu. So you will need RaceMenu as well as a few other mods like SKSE to get the exact appearance shown in the pictures. You are free to change the features to your liking, but please don't take credit for my work. As many of you no doubt know, it is very hard and takes a long time to edit extensively in RaceMenu, as well to sculpt out the imperfections.

Thank you.To begin installation, make sure you extract the archive to the Presets folder.Then, in-game, type "showracemenu" in console, without quotes of course. and click the presets tab in RaceMenu, and click the option at the bottom of the screen called 'Load Preset' and select the preset. Make sure you have the race you want chosen before you select the preset, as the race change resets all physical features back to that race's vanilla preset #1. Also, My character's set race is Nord. So, if you want to get as close to the screenshots as possible, that's the race I would recommend you chose before loading the preset. Although, you are welcome to try any race but do not expect the same results of any other race.
For Credits, check Required Files.