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A young-looking pale and seamless diffuse texture set for UNP family bodies, comes with normal and specular maps as well.

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Unslaad Keizaal is my newest texture endeavor, originally posted to my Tumblr account but now I feel like sharing it here too. Unlike my original Unslaad texture mod, it's geared toward young-looking characters and is seamless. While I will be reworking my original Unslaad mod to eradicate the dreaded seams, I want to release this separately since it is a very different look.

(freckles not included :P)

Unslaad Keizaal is pale, unblemished and youthful while also aiming for a touch of realism. This was achieved by combining the flawless look of The Pure with the glorious gritty realistic skin, Real Women of Skyrim. The result is a texture set which gives you plenty of room to add your own touches with a mod like Freckle Mania while avoiding the "plastic doll-like" look I dislike. Face and hands are 2k while body is 4k. I have included my very own normal maps and speculars, but you're free to replace these with your preferred ones if you like. All female races (except old ladies' normal maps) are covered by this mod.

All diffuse textures are dxt1 compressed while normals are RGB8 uncompressed. I accidentally compressed my original diffuse set so to create perfect uncompressed versions I'd have to completely remake, which stinks. Sorry.

This skin is currently only compatible with UNP family bodies such as Dimonized UNP, UNPCM, CNHF Barbarian, and so on.
A CBBE patch is in development. I don't like how it keeps turning out so, stay tuned. And please don't spam the comments with "omgwtfbbqWHERE'SCBBE!!!1!" because... it's coming. Chill. And don't bark at me about HDT vaginas, I don't use that and frankly I have no interest in covering that level of uhmershun. I create this stuff because I want to use it first and foremost, I don't care about your specific mod setup or whatever fetish you're trying to satisfy.

Installation is simple, you can download it via NMM or just manually drop it in your data folder.

(And yes, the redhead in the pictures will be available as a follower, as soon as I can get the CK to stop hating me...)