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Modifies the effects of all cooked (and pre-cooked) foods in Skyrim to make them more worthwhile.

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Tired of using raw goods and salt piles at an inconveniently placed cooking pot and wasting time making something that only restores 5 health? Not anymore!

This mod changes the effects/values of all vanilla cooked goods and sweets to make them useful. Changes regular cooked food to increase its restorative abilities (most still bellow a minor healing/stamina potion). Changes all stews to be more like the venison and vegetable stews. Most sweets restore magicka. Few "for x seconds" effects last longer than a minute, a few lasting 300 seconds and one lasting 720.

I added effects to some foods, like Fortify Marksman on venison chops and Fortify Carry Weight on horse meat. I tried to add Slow to horker loafs to no avail.

Anyway, that's the mod. Hope you get some use out of your inventory of 136 pounds cabbages, apples and salt.