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03/03/12 - I have posted a file that should fix the constant file saving - instructions are in the read me.

Tired of forgetting to Quicksave and having to replay long segments
of the game? Don't like the Autosave implemented by the game? Well,
now you have an alternative. This mod implements a timed autosave
system - you may select from 1, 5, 10, or 15 minute time periods.

Be aware that there a couple of exceptions - While you in a crafting
menu (Alchemy, Enchanting, Armour, Weapon, etc.) or in a dialogue
with any NPC, if the time comes when an autosave would occur, it
will be bypassed & reset the timer. This is because the game gives no
way to determine when you are in these situations. Otherwise, if you
are in other menus, like Inventory, Barter, etc or in combat, the
autosave will still occur when exiting those menus/combat.

Be sure to disable the 4 game Autosave options in Settings/Gameplay
to prevent conflicts.

Thx to @omega2008 for this tip:

Add this to your Skyrim.ini in My Docs>MyGames>Skyrim to have as many
autosaves as you want:

More options to come.


Recommended to use NMM


Choose the esp/bsa combination you want to use & drop them into the Data directory & activate the esp. Choose only the 01, 05, 10, or 15 set.

You may also be interested in the Skyrim Incremental Saver for making copies of Quicksaves - Autosave copies to be added soon.