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New blood magic spells! Use your health to cast new spells to assist you in your adventures. Will you become a Blood Knight, a Vampire Hunter, or an all out Blood Mage? The choice is yours.

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As with all my mods, I wanted to add new class or playstyle and blood magic was next on my agenda. I took a different approach to some of the other mods. I wanted my blood mages to be anti-vampire. Vampires steal a blood mages greatest source of power and for that, they make for natural enemies. Over the years blood mages have found new methods of taking care of their unnatural enemies and this mod provides those spells.
Some blood magic spells will have extra effects on vampires. Other spells power is directly tied to vampires slayed while spell is active. There are some hidden combinations that will achieve greater or special effects, try to discover them. The combinations have distinct visual effects so you can't miss it. Perks and enchantments that make spells cheaper will lower the cost of blood magic spells too. They stack with other buffs from this mod. That includes modded spell perks and enchantments. I tried to use as many custom assets as possible, from projectiles to inventory spell icons.
To cast the spells you must have the magicka equivalent of the cost. You won't be able to finish your magicka pool and then begin draining your health pool, that's not how I designed this. There is a steep learning curve in the beginning, but once you get some perks and enchantments, you'll have a fun time. You need SKSE, DB, and DG.

Spells can be purchased from vendors just like every normal spell. Spells are injected into level lists, you might have to wait 48 hours for vendors to have the spells. If you want to cast them efficiently, you'll have to first find the spell tome called 'Blood Mage Knowledge'. With this, you will be able to cast the spells for half the normal amount when health is below 50%. Meaning, staying below 50% health is beneficial. Lower levels will struggle without the appropriate perks. Vampires cannot cast blood magic efficiently, they will always take a second hit to their health when casting.



There are 30 spells, here's a description of some of them and with some additional info.

Blood Mage Knowledge: Casting blood spells is more efficient. If the casters health is below 50%, blood spells cost 50% less. Undead can't cast blood spells efficiently. You must have this if you want to rely primarily on blood magic. Check the pictures for the location.

Absorb: A ball of blood that will damage an opponent by X for Y seconds and creates a ball of blood towards the caster. A low level method of regaining health while doing damage. It was designed to not be spammable otherwise you could stand their and constantly get your health back while spending nothing. Stand at a distance when firing.

Alter Blood: Combine an Atronach's essence with the casters blood to receive a damage reduction against the same element. Something new to do with your fire, frost, and void salts.

Bleed: Every power attack on the target under this effect will cause extra bleed damage to the target for 25 seconds. Vampires will take magicka damage too. Great for Blood Knights that want to use magic and then use power attacks.

Cursed Death: If target dies within X seconds, a blood orb will be created. Blood orbs are used in a late game spell, it's a good to start collecting these early. I currently have no early game use for them and will consider any decent ideas.

Diseased Mist: While diseased, create a ball of diseased blood that will detonate after 5 seconds and damage those within the mist. Be sure to run away from the ball or you will be hit too.

Life Orb: Use blood orbs to create life orbs around the caster. Each orb will restore health when the caster is in danger. A maximum of 3 orbs at a time will circle around the player. Each time the player falls below 20%, the caster will be healed in exchange for one life orb.

Pool of Blood: A pool of blood that heals the caster based on the number of vampires that have been absorbed by the pool. Killing a vampire that's within range of the pool will add to the amount that the caster is healed. It'll make sense in game, just cast the spell next to vampires and then kill them before the spell runs out.

Risen Blood: Form 5 defensive orbs in front of the caster. Great for ensuring charging enemies will take damage before they get to you.

Vitalize Blood: Rearrange the blood in a target resulting in an increased weapon and movement speed X seconds. Very useful for making a weak follower stronger. Perhaps you might want a frenzied enemy to take out a few of their friends easier.

Requires Dawnguard, Dragonborn, and SKSE.
Works with all mods. Safe to install at any time.
Vampires can use the spells but each spell costs an extra 50 health on top of the spell cost.
Health hits twice for undead and inefficient spell casters. This is intentional.
Concentration spells cost magicka to cast too. They're the cheapest in health cost for what they do, just be sure to have a target.
The anti-vampire patch only removes the second hit from spells, the mod is still has anti-vampire spells.
I'm looking for improvements so feel free to say whatever you want.
I did intend for the acquisition of the spells to be a lot more interesting but I've spent too much time on this mod since my HDD died on my and I had to start again from scratch.
If you'd like to make a patch or anything, please contact me first.
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tesg for ideas and concepts