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Standalone voiced cute mouse companion.
I have met this mouse, liked it at first sight and made it my companion. You can find it in "Hall of the Dead". Let SnowBall warm your heart in severe Skyrim! Now + gray mouse RainDrop.

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Standalone voiced cute mouse companion

 Skyrim Legendary

Installation is standard. You may use NMM/MO.
Removal is standard.


- The companion is completely standalone and doesn't take a companion's slot. It could be added to any party you want.
- Voiced by Author 
- Immortal
- You can feed it apples and carrots
- The companion will stay in the location you leave him 
- Doesn't fight as it is very peaceful pet, not a bodyguard 
- Doesn't have inventory
- Finds gems and presents them to you 

What's new:
- On request of some "mice lovers", a gray mouse RainDrop is added. You can find it in "Beggars Row" in Riften. (Look for the door under the stairs against "Elgrim's Elixirs"). RainDrop will bring purses to you, some kind of income! P.S. It likes pieces of cheese and nuts in honey.
- Summon scrolls are added. You can buy them in "Beletor's General Goods" in Whiterun and in "Pawned Prawn" in Riften.