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4 tools to find CK cell location, laser accurate compass and measure objects from 1 cm to 10 metres.

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This is a modders resource only, it does not help with normal game playing. A toolbox in the Sleeping Giant Inn in Riverwood contains 4 portable tools. These tools are designed to find your Creation Kit location and measure in-game objects.

Please use NMM to install. There should be no conflict with other mods and no other mods or SKSE are required.

The toolbox can be found in the Sleeping Giant Inn in Riverwood, near the serving table. Within, can be found:

1. The Location Marker. When dropped (find in Misc category, press R to drop) it will settle & give the Creation Kit cell reference numbers. Location Marker will only work correctly in exterior (Tamriel) cells as it measures 'world' coordinates. Pick it up (E key) to take it elsewhere.

2. The vertical Height Staff which can be taken to any location and dropped. The height staff will find its own level and then straighten itself to vertical if there is room. Outside would be a good place! Heights can then be read from the graduated scale. Pick it up again (E key) to place elsewhere.

3. 1 Metre Box which can be dropped to measure objects from 1 cm to 1 metre.

4. A compass which can be dropped. It will float and self level, then orientate itself to North with confirmatory 100 metre laser beams at the cardinal points.

The Creation Kit tutorials suggest the following dimensions apply to Skyrim:
10 metres == 70 Units in Blender == 700 Units in Creation Kit.

I made this after I needed accurate worldmap dimensions taken from UK Ordnance Survey Terrain 5 height data.
Anyone interested in real world mapping -> Skyrim please get in contact with me.
I would particularly wish to thank the NifTools team and contributors to Blender and of course Bethesda.