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A tiny village and playerhome in The Rift Hold, south of Clearspring Tarn, inhabited by only khajiit npcs. Perfect for players with the same preference. Multiple adoption friendly.

Permissions and credits
The khajiits got fed up with their treatment in Skyim. Not being allowed inside of the cities? Hah, they'll make their own settlement then! And they did. Thus Warm Sands Village was born. A home away from home, as they say. The settlement consists of three buildings: the inn, the home of a small khajiit family, and your playerhome. The location is south of Clearspring Tarn, almost next to Boulderfall Cave, Shor's Stone and Redwater Den are also nearby. You will notice, that most npcs in the village have human voices, it was necessary for them to function, for example as bard. The village has a visible mapmarker, you can fast travel to it without having to discover the location first.

Requires Skyrim and Hearthfire DLC.

Sharpened Claws Inn:

-Ri'zarr - innkeeper and food merchant (brother of Shazhir, uncle of Shuri and Shara)
-Lisha - bard
-Razindra - apothecary merchant
-Ma'thadar - general goods merchant
-Tzirr - inn patron

Shazhir's Home:

-Shazhir - blacksmith merchant (brother of Ri'zarr, husband of Nahira, dad of Shuri and Shara)
-Nahira - farmer, buys various crops (wife of Shazhir, mom of Shuri and Shara)
-Shuri - khajiit little boy (son of Shazhir and Nahira, brother of Shara)
-Shara - khajiit little girl,  owner of Dumpling, the bunny (daughter of Shazhir and Nahira, sister of Shuri)

The inn has a cooking pot, an oven, and an unique mead brewer with mead and wine recipes. There is no bed for rent. Shazhir's home is just an average family home, nothing notable, only a cooking pot and an oven. Behind the house there is the smithy with smelter, anvil, armorer workbench, grindstone and tanning rack, next to the house there is the woodchopping block. The npcs have their schedule, for example all of them sleep at night. During the day Shazhir goes behind his house to smith, and Nahira goes out to tend your garden. Their children play outside until the evening, where the family takes a trip to the inn before retiring to home for the night. The inn and the npc home have respawning containers and static clutter.

Moonlight Farm:

This is your playerhome. There is a plantable garden next to it, with 12 planter soils. There are 3 chickens, 3 chicken nests, 1 goat, and a grain mill. Inside there is a cooking pot, a butter churn, an oven, alchemy table, arcane enchanter, 1 bookcase, 2 child beds, 4 follower beds, 4 weapon racks, a mirror to change your appearance, and a Shrine of Nocturnal. The double bed gives well rested bonus. There are numerous safe storages and static clutter. Beware, if you have a spouse, two kids and four followers all living there, it'll be VERY CROWDED. It's a really small playerhome.

Version 2 is out!

More buildings:
 -Spell shop
 -Clothing shop
 -Guest House

More npcs:
 -Kheir, a new farmer (doesn't buy crops, just works in your garden)
 -Mazisha, Kheir's wife (clothing merchant)
 -Kishia, Kheir and Mazisha's daughter
 -Dro'jar (spell merchant)
 -Arslan: potential follower and potential spouse, son of the innkeeper Ri'zarr
 -Ashira: potential follower and potential spouse, daughter of Dro'jar
 -Sabiha: owner of the Guest House

More new things:
 -Tzirr has been relocated to Dro'jar's House, where he has a normal bed, instead of sleeping on a bedroll in the inn. He still spends most of his day in the inn though.
 -Arslan and Ashira are in Dro'jar's House too, but they sandbox outside during the day
 -Every single resident of the village goes to the inn for the evenings
 -New dagger display in the playerhome
 -More planters in the playerhome
 -The practice dummy has been relocated, it's not in the bedroom anymore
 -Now four child beds in the playerhome instead of just two
 -New Guest House with six beds for followers (if Sabiha kindly sleeps in her own damn bed)
 -Respawning (I hope it does) hawk nest on a tree next to the Guest House
 -Respawning (again I hope) beehive on Kheir's House

Npcs face meshes and textures, and bsa are included.


Version 1.2 child beds are fixed for Version 1 and dagger display added to follower room

Version 2.2 child beds are fixed for Version 2 and other unnoticable minor fixes

Scripts only file uploaded

Remember to take your family somewhere else and get all your valuables out of the house before you change mod versions, to be sure that there won't be any issues and you won't lose anything.

To be able to bring your family here use the Bless Home spell that comes with TMPhoenix's Hearthfire Multiple Adoptions mod:

To bring your followers or spouse here use My home is your home mod from Volek, or Spouses Can Live Everywhere mod from Emma

Recommended mods to use with this one:

Khajiit Child Ma'isha by tktk1:
My little kitty Ma'Rakha by hl84:

Insanity Sorrow
(I hope I didn't left anyone out, please notify me, if I somehow did.)

Credits last but not least to Bethesda Softworks for making The Elder Scrolls V Skyrim.