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3 Re-worked Followers. Perfect Manly Monday Mod :P
Works with every Male Body. Like SAM, SOS or Better Males.

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Took me a long time, but now I finally re-worked them! :D 
Ragnar, Thoralf anf Fynn shine in a new and fresh look XD

Ragnar is the Father from Thoralf and Fynn. Together with his Wife Juna, they live in Solitude.
Juna is a Member of Stendarr and a stronge Mage, Ragnar is high rank Soldier from Solitude who became a Paladin later in life.
Their Sons, Thoralf and Fynn live thei
r own life.
Fynn, the youngest one uses magic like his Mother, so he made his way to the College of Winterhold.
The older Brother Thoralf is more like his father, he used to be a Soldier aswell, but then he joined the fight against the Vampires.
(P.S. Juna knows magic well, that's why she looks younger XD)

In order to work, you'll need Relationship Dialogue Overhaul. Fynn uses a normal Vanilla Voice, Thoralf and Ragnar need the Mod in order to follow you.
Juna is not able to follow you, she's only there to complete the Family. :P
No body or skin texture/mesh is included, so you can use whatever you have.

I tried something new this time, giving the Characters different Factions, Voices and Ragnar is a Trainer for Block.
Non of them starts at a very high level, also they level with you.
Fynn from 3 - x
Thoralf from 4 - x
Ragnar from 5 - x

Thoralf and Fynn are both young and strong, ready to get married.. :P
Ragnar is married to Juna.

-Relationship Dialogue Overhaul is Required

-Follower Overhaul Mod like EFF, AFT, UFO is recommanded
-SAM - Shape Atlas for Men is recommanded for the Men to have a great way to make them look individually
-The Eyes of Beauty is recommanded to make Fynn's and Ragnar's eyes look like mine

Don't forget to don't be shy! :)
No Textures for Skin included!

KS Hairdos - Renewal by Kalilies Stealthic Khaos and Shocky
Salt and Wind - Rough Hair for KS Hairdos by Jasper 
The Eyes Of Beauty by Gabriel Mailhot as LogRaam
Ixum's Tattoos by Ixum
Immersive Warpaints and tattoos by Reptileye
RaceMenu by Expired
NPC Nif Scope by Turulo
Skyrim by Bethesda
Creation Kit by Bethesda

Dx's Beast Followers - Argonian and Khajiit - SE Version 
Dx's Follower - Raven
Dx's Follower - Thor - SE Version
Dx's Follower - Mike
Dx's Male Presets
Dx's Preset - Redguard Mihail - SAM

Dx's Follower Pack - Real People - SAM - SOS - Better males
Dx's Follower Pack - Demons - SAM - SOS - Better Males
Dx's Presets - Elves - SAM
Dx's ClefJ's Villages
Dx's Follower - Freston Family - SE Version
Dx's Logga Siblings - Orc Followers - SE Version
Dx's Elf Squad - Male Elves Follower - SE Version
Dx's Better Men of Skyrim - SE Version