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A complete re-recording of every line of Hircine's dialogue, in the style of his Morrowind and Oblivion voice.

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This is a simple audio 
replacer that changes Hircine's voice to be more in line with how he sounded in Morrowind and Oblivion. It can be safely added and removed from your game at any time. There is no .esp file.

Flashback to 2011. Robbie discovers there is a quest that revolves around his favorite Daedric Prince, Hircine, Lord of the Hunt and the Father of Manbeasts. I carefully stalk the white stag, slay it, and realize I'm about to get to talk to Hircine. Fanboying commences.

Then I realize that they changed his voice. Instead of the awesome Hircine voice we got in Bloodmoon and his Daedric quest in Oblivion, we got the male wood elf voice from Oblivion. AAAAAAAHH

This restoration isn't 1:1, but it's the best I was able to manage. Vocal effects have to be a little heavier to disguise the fact that it's not the same voice actor, but I think the spirit of the hunt the voice is there. It's a bit more on the demonic side than Morrowind's Hircine.