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Lightweight dialogue-based overhaul of Skyrim main story line

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  • Polish
Work In Progress

Features planned for upcoming MQDO 1.0 version release:

Dialogue fixes

- an option to tell Ulfric/Tullius in Windhelm palace/castle Dour that you're not there to join them in civil war - sometimes the player is railroaded into saying that
- an option to tell Delphine/Esbern that the dragon assasination target (cough, cough) is dead, cutting the exposition and "glad we have you back" 

Recruiting Blades as civil war allies

- most likely the player will delay or deal with the Paarthurnax quest with some other mods, but no amount of shouting should convince Delphine to help you in the civil war battles...

Inviting Blades to peace talks

- Esbern and Delphine might not come to High Hrothgar talks uninvited

Meeting the 5th Greybeard

- in vanilla he's disabled until you get permission from Greybeards to meet him. With this mod, he'll be there to talk to you also if you are famous Dragonborn
- Blades quests are not cut by that
- and it's fully compatible with ICAIO (no conflicts in Tes5Edit)
- and a patch plugin ESP to erase references to Esbern from quest journal

BONUS: the legacy mod that was included in Nexus Skyrim Overhaul...
Prevents the Blades from starting the "Paarthurnax" quest. They won't mention it!

You can start "Paarthurnax" quest, once the game is ready for it (that is, early part of "The Fallen" main quest), by saying to Delphine or Esbern that you are concerned about Paarthurnax:
     "Ever heard the name: Paarthurnax? Seems to me, there's one more dragon to kill."

The rest of the Paarthurnax quest is unchanged, you can use any other Paarthurnax mod to patch it, they should be compatible.

This feature is guarded by a global variable, you can disable it with the console command
   set vxpaarthurnaxoptionsaid to 1

Killing Paarthurnax before starting the quest by talking to Delphine or Esbern will also unlock their vanilla forcegreet dialogue. It doesn't flow naturally in this scenario... but that's the vanilla Skyrim for you.

Similar things happens when player character is removed from GreybeardsFaction faction. So mods that let you assault and kill other Greybeards might trigger that too.
(Or perhaps it is to detect player attacking, but not killing Paarthurnax? Anyway, it's easier to change the faction status, than a global from some plugin which might change its name easily when merged with a bigger mod collection...).