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Gives you a droppable sack to carry your loot!

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I'm always torn between the immersion of the realistic carrying weight mods and the inconvenience of them. While jugging across Skyrim with 3 full suit of plate armor and 5 greatswords certainly isn't realistic, making repeated loot runs between a bandit camps and the nearest city gets old fast.

So what is a smart advanturer to do? Well, why not just grab a sack and throw all those loot in, if you need to fight, drop the sack and pull out your axe.

That, my friends, is exactly what this mod does. A droppable sack. Upon installing the mod, you'll get an item call Loot Sack in your inventory. When you draw your weapon or press 'B', you'll drop the sack. The sack can be activated like any normal container. Press B again when you are within arms reach, will pick the sack up, press B if you a bit farther but still within sight will open the sack instead. Check screenshots for the maxium distance that you can still open the sack with hotkey.

An added bonus is a quest named Loot Sack will also be in your journal, you can toggle quest marker on to find your sack more easily.

Bug Fixes:
  • Teleporting bag to you will not leave an extra bag on the ground now. (If you encountered this already, pick up the sack, then markfordelete  any extra ones on the ground in console)
  • Access your bag easier! Simply light tap the assigned bag key to open the bag. Will not need to drop and then open anymore.
  • To pick up or drop the bag manually, hold down the bag key for at least 0.5 seconds.

  • Sack will not automatically drop when drawing weapon on horse back
  • Added options in MCM to teleport the sack to you in case you lost your sack in an inaccessible place.

new features:
  • Added a gradually increasing speed penalty to discourage putting the entire world in your sack.
  • Disable or fine-tune in MCM
  • Items with 0 weight now won't automatically be looted into sack
  • Items mark as non-playable won't automatically be looted into sack (like Requiem's invisible arrow weight)
  • Added MCM option to delete everything from your sack. (If you notice that your sack weights a tons even after you took everything out)
  • Fix for sack turning invisible often in dungeons

new features:
  • Automatically moves loot to your sack as you pick them up.
  • This is the default behaviour when you are holding your sack, if you want to loot stuff to your own inventory, drop the sack.
  • When in menu mode, pressing the same hot key B will also toggle between looting to sack or looting to player inventory temporarily.
  • It'll switch back to default behaviour once out of the menu.
  • Undroppable quest items are exampt.
  • Can be disabled in MCM

  • Will no longer drop the sack on weapon draw if the player isn't encumbered.

  1. Like any other, download and activate.

  1. Wait for the MCM menu to register
  2. Open MCM and choose a hotkey. (Default is B)

  1. Just override, no need to uninstall, reinstall.
  2. Once in game, go into MCM menu and choose the "Re-register" option
  3. Save your game

  1. Make sure you take everything you want out of the sack.
  2. In console, type: stopQuest LootSack_Quest
  3. Uninstsall

  1. This is not an infinite bag of holding, what ever you stuff in your sack will still weight you down after you pick it up.
  2. Thus, this isn't for someone who wants to fast travel.
  3. This isn't for someone who don't want to walk ever.
  4. This is made for someone playing Requiem with a more realistic encumberance mod.

Differentiation between this and other similiar mods:
  1. The sack automatically drops on combat for convenience
  2. This mod automatically puts loot into the sack for convenience
  3. Gradual speed decrease instead of all or nothing weight limit
  4. Lighter scripts that don't run on gameLoad, onEquip, it does run onItemAdded however. (for auto loot into sack feature)

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