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This mod adds most of the music from Enderal's amazing soundtrack to Skyrim!

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A while ago, I taught myself how to make music mods with the help of another mod called "Personalized Music" (link will be included later in the credits), so I took it upon myself to ask SureAI themselves if I could make a mod that adds the Enderal soundtrack to Skyrim, and they responded with "Sure, go for it :)", so I made it in a few hours with a .bsa unpacking program and a .xwm file converter. (Links will be with the credits.) Now, several months later, Enderal released their Forgotten Stories DLC, which adds some new music into the game to go along with the new quests, characters, and worldspaces that are added by the DLC. I have added those songs to my mod, and I have added my own .esp (more info available under the installation section).


-Because of the differences between Skyrim and Enderal, some songs (like character songs) are incorporated in different scenarios that I thought were appropriate for the tone of the song (for example, Calia's song for her dialogue plays during nighttime exploration, the song at the end of the game before you make your final decision plays in the Soul Cairn, and the piano version of Fleshless that plays in the Aged Man's abode plays in Castle Volkihar.)

-I did not add EVERY song from the soundtrack. I have added approximately 85% of the songs because some are just sound effects for discovering places, death, et cetera.

-The no vanilla music file is "not recommended" because there are many unused music types. If you look into the files of the mod "Personalized Music" (the mod whose assets I used to build mine) and compare it to my files, you will notice that mine has far less music categories. What that means is that Enderal did not have enough music for me to use in every scenario, meaning your game will be awkwardly silent or repeat only a few tracks in some areas. I included it as an option, though, for the people who are not bothered by that. :)


Soft requirement: all official Skyrim DLC. If you do not have the DLCs, then just delete any files associated with them.


My .esp file is just a renamed version of Personalized Music's, so you cannot have both .esps at the same time. As a result, if you plan to use any other Personalized Music mod, you'll either have to uninstall that one, download mine, and add in the old one's files manually or vice-versa. In the permissions section on Personalized Music's page, it is clearly stated that modders can use the mod's assets. 


-The SureAi team for making Enderal and for letting me use their music- SureAI's Website
-Those who composed this lovely soundtrack- "The Enderal's original soundtrack was mostlty composed by Marvin Kopp, Simon W. Autenrieth and Andres Makusev." (
-Me- For putting this together
-Personalized Music- For the functionality and the use of its assets.
-MultiXWM- For making it possible to listen to the .xwm files to judge where each song belongs- MultiXWM
-BSA Unpacker- For letting me access the music files- BSA Unpacker