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You are not the Dragonborn, dead dragons don\'t turn into bones at your feet and word walls are just... walls.

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You are not the Dragonborn, just an adventurer who came in Skyrim at the wrong
time (or the right time, if you happen to love dragons). As such if you kill a
dragon you won't absorbe it's soul (and the dragon's corpse won't burn leaving just
bones behind) and word walls won't teach you anything, they are just walls full of
strange symbols to you.

Obviously you won't be able to complete the main quest (if you haven't already).
However you can follow it till the first dragon appearance, at the tower, triggering
in this way random dragons encounters in your adventures through Skyrim (EDIT:
this doesn't seem the case, apparently dragons encounters don't trigger this way...
see the note below for a solution).


- If you want random dragons encounters use Immediate Dragons:

- Versions 1.2 and up fix "The Golden Claw" quest. If you used previous versions and
can't complete the quest, open the terminal and type:

setstage 00039645 60

then you can complete the quest regularly.

- The dragon priest Nahkriin (reachable only during the main quest) has been moved
to Shriekwind Bastion (northeast of Falkreath) to make it possible to get his mask.