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Search .esp/.esm files for their containing items. Items found can be added to the player inventory via MCM.

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This mod, primarily made for testing, displays the currently activated plugin files in a Mod
Configuration Menu (MCM). The mods can be listed from top to bottom or left to right, and the
mod index is shown in either decimal or hexadecimal notation.

As of version 2.0 an option has been added to search .esp/.esm files for their containing items
by categories: weapons, armor, ammo, books, ingredients, potions, keys, scrolls and miscellaneous items.
The items found can be added to the player inventory.

Translations are welcome. Please write me a short PM if you can provide a
translation for your language.

SkyUI version 5.1 or higher
SKSE version 1.7.3 or higher

For installation, extract the archive to the folder of your Skyrim installation, or install
with a mod manager of your choice. Before un-installing the mod, it's recommended to use
the option for deinstallation in the menu.

If updating from a previous version, remove the old version completely and make
another save without the mod installed, before installing the new version.

Naming of the buttons in the list menu is misleading, sadly I can't change that.

Processing large numbers of items can take several seconds.

SKSE Team for Skyrim Script Extender
SkyUI Team for SkyUI
SkyUILib Team for SkyUILib