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THIRTY PLUS conjuration spell tomes :P They summon animals from Mihails addons. I haven't altered their stats or abilities at all, simply made them Summonable. STANDALONE! Many are completely useless!

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Having made a bunch of new characters, I was in desperate need of new summons spells, so, I made this. 

I have tested it with several Mihail addons and have found no problems, please report conflicts if you find any.

I discussed this mod with Mihail and he was happy for me to release it publicly.

It is basically a merge of loads of Mihails addons but turned into summoning spells. The credit for the actual creatures lies with MihailMods and the artists who created the textures and meshes for them. Go to the individual addon pages for more info.

I decided to make the tomes available via a single vendor, so to keep things tidy. Find "Jo'Zimarr" in Frozen Hearth Inn, Winterhold.

The tomes are expensive, to reflect that they are exotic and can't be purchased elsewhere, also the combat effectiveness alone does not effect the price, but also the attractiveness of the creature. So, a Snow Leopard will be more expensive relative to a Czart, for instance. 

I wanted the tomes to be expensive out of respect for the original author(s), so please don't cheat :) 

There are a bunch of "pets" the weak and cute animals such as Seals and Deers, they won't fight, you summon them permanently like a thrall, they flee from danger (well they try) so they are just there to look cute. I made them a little cheap so even a weak conjurer can get one.


Summonable Animals:

Auroch Bull
Banded Civet
Bull Moose
Cyrodilian Alpine Wolf Alpha
Cyrodilian Cave Wolf Alpha
Cyrodilian Forest Wolf Alpha
Cyrodilian Snow Wolf Alpha
Czart Alpha
Czart Ancient
Czart Ancient Red
Giant Rat (The weakest)
Giant Snake (The strongest)
Gorgonops Spotted
Lynx Snow
Pet Common Seal
Pet Deer Forest Female
Pet Deer Forest Male
Pet Deer Snow Female (The cutest)
Pet Deer Snow Male
Pet Leopard Seal
Pet Leopard Seal Speckled (also the cutest)
Pet Sealion
Snow Leopard
Terror Bird
The Whirlwind Chicken (My own, worthless, creature)
Wild Horse

Many of these creatures couldn't fight their way out of a wet paper bag so this is kind of a fashion accessory mod.

In future I may update with more creatures, and maybe some other stuff, but this is more or less a complete mod as is.

I will be doing a Special Edition port when I am confident there are no problems with the mod.

Anyway, whatever.