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Ornithopods are deer-size bipedal reptomammals, covered in fur, adapted to live in the cold climate of skyrim's tundra. Psittacosaurs are skeever-size sauroids with beaks that resemble the one of a parrot, and with quills on their tails. The herbivore Dicynodons are shy and chubby reptomammals with prominent tusks, and covered with short fur.

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For Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ): 

Ornithopods are deer-size bipedal reptomammals, covered in fur, adapted to live in the cold climate of skyrim's tundra. They live in large and passive grassing groups and will run when you approach.

The herbivore Dicynodons are shy and chubby reptomammals with prominent tusks, and covered
with short fur. The steppe dicynodon has brown skin and the size of a cat, with very short brown
fur, and occurs on the tundra, while the slightly bigger striped dicynodon is covered in white
and black striped longer fur, and is braver, charging at the enemy if attacked first.

Primitive, the reptomammals were created on the dawn of Nirn, when the animal classes
were not yet completely differentiated and established. Considered reptomammals, this classification
includes any species having both reptilian and mammalian traits, such as having scaly skin but
having fur above it for warmth. Giving birth to live young is another common trait, and when
they reproduce through eggs like reptiles, they usually produce milk from milk-bearing teats,
unlike the members of the reptilian class. They are almost exclusively warm-blooded,
an attribute that differentiate them from viviparous reptiles that also give birth to live young.
Usually a reptomammalian species tends to has more in common with one class than another.

The Psittacosaur is a skeever-size sauroid with a beak that resembles the beak of a parrot, and with quills on the tail. They live on the volcanic tundra, and are an important part on the diet of the predators from that region. They have a strong loud call, that they use to alert the herd against predators or human presence.

The scientific names given to them by imperial zoologists means, respectively, Ornithopod - "bird feet", Dicynodon - "two dog-teeth", Psittacosaur - "parrot lizard". Apparently the nords adopted that names too, since no common names are known, to refer to these species.

- 4 new beaked sauroids

- they have new sounds and loot

- The last Skyrim Update

- DLC Hearthfire
- DLC Dawnguard
- DLC Dragonborn

This mod should be compatible with almost all other mods

------------------------ A LAST NOTE -------------------------

Because some users may ask about immersion, regarding mods that add dinos, sauroids in general, and other very primitive creatures, and regarding quests about evolution in general in TES universe, it's good to make clear that Nirn is not our planet. There the evolution rule does not happened in the way it happens in our earth. Creation on Nirn is magic, evolution also happens sometimes, but created by magic, blessings, curses, strange natural laws of nirn, direct genetic influence from powerfull beings, necessity of adaptation, CHIM, etc, so, there is no argument (lorewise) to say that dinos can not live with megafauna like mammoths or sabrecats, and nords. In real world megafauna also have not lived with medieval societies, or, for example, men never lived alongside elves and dragons (because these both never existed).
Also sauroids do exist in tes lore, look at the uknown dino that was modified to create Verminous Fabricants (search for my mod of them), or cliff striders (already released too), cliff racers (also released), kagoutis (released), guars (released too), swamp leviathans,...
But im saving most of my dinos and sauroids to the black marsh island i will release. I also will
release more of them for skyrim but just as warden type summons, not in-world animals or enemies.
Maybe some sea sauroids and flying sauroids yes, but no more terrestrial ones. These on this mod are
probably the only i will release as world animals for this province of skyrim.


Mihail- re-modelling of all the models, normal maps,
sounds, loot, animations, game implementation

Some assets used on this mod belong too:

RoboBirdie- original models and textures of 
Psittacosaur and Dicynodos, original Ornithipod model
Hendrix- original Ornithopod textures (released as public domain on ZT2RoundTable, 
initially for mods made for the game Zoo Tycon 2)