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I found it odd that you can buy pearls from Alchemist, but, when you search clam all you get is clam meat.

This changes the three types of Clams (thin, normal, large) so that you have a chance to harvest a pearl from them

There are three types of clam's in Skyrim thin, normal, large. From what I read on the wiki larger clam have large pearl, while smaller ones have small pearls. So I adjusted the clams like so.

In skyrim Clams are a flora object, which acts like a container. So it allows you to add all types of items including item leveledlist.

So I created Custom Leveled named ClamsDropPearlsThin,Normal,Large this contain crab meat and another leveledlist that controls the chance of pearls actually spawing on the clam when you open them. ClamDropPearlsLvl10,lvl20,lvl30 are list with a pearl in them.

Large Clam have 10% chance of having a Large Pearl

While Normal Clam have a 20% chance of the having a small pearl

Thin have 30% chance of a small pearl

Many Clams are placed in the water and various locations. But remember no underwater combat so some areas may be dangerous..


Unzip to steam\steamapps\common\skyrim\data directory
and select "ClamsDropPearls" from the data files launcher

Uninstall deselect "ClamDropPearls"


Known Issue
None at this Time

Compatiblity with Other Mod -

I have not seen anything else like this yet. But If you have mod that changes the Flora Clam itself this will conflict with that.