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Added: 11/02/2012 - 10:28PM
Updated: 20/02/2012 - 08:15AM

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Last updated at 8:15, 20 Feb 2012 Uploaded at 22:28, 11 Feb 2012

-V 2.0-

Adds craftable lanterns to the world of Skyrim!

Recipes can be found at all major holds on the genernal goods merchants.

Copies of a journal "Omus's journal on Nordic lanterns" uncovering ancient Nordic lanterns can be also found in the general goods vendors, giving you different colored powerfully lit lanterns.

Temporary placeholders for fixing super zoomed in 3D model in the crafting menu.
Improved handling of lantern crafting.
Rebalanced lighting of the iron lanterns and re-adjusted the fire size.
Lanterns are now crafted from the smithing forge.

Lanterns are now craft-able, lanterns found in caves are now back to their original non usable state and can be used to be crafted into usable lanterns.
Currently two types of lanterns, Lousy and Quality

Increased light radius and brightness, all clutter lanterns are now wieldable and they are initially lit throughout Skyrim.

Renamed the item to "Lantern" since all the lanterns are wieldable now.

Collision box now correct.


Old changes:

Camera no longer gets stuck when equipping the lantern while on a horse.

FIXED OPTIONAL FILE, it originally had files in it that weren't needed.

Fixed the issue where hand stays in the holding position after putting away the torch with no weapon drawn, now works just like a torch.

The torch is now stand-alone and currently burns indefinitely (I think), you can find two of them laying horribly on the well in the center of the market district in Whiterun.


Planned in next releases:

1. Fix issue where lantern appears covering the screen in menus.

2. Give lanterns to guards.

3. Improve the aesthetics and further functionality of the lantern.

4. Get some new models.


You can find all three version of this mod in Steam Workshop as well! Wieldable Lantern Stand-alone Wieldable Lantern Lantern Replacer Wieldable Lantern Torch Replacer