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Small player home for vampire with custom storage, displays for dragon claws, dragon priest masks and other artifacts.

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This mod is now available fos SSE HERE


Small player home for vampire near Solitude. It contains all crafting stations.
The Mausoleum consists of main chamber/study, kitchen, crafting area, main sleeping chamber with coffin and small chamber with regular bed.
There are several displays for artifacts in main chamber:
-Dragon priest masks
-Dragon claws
-Elder scrolls

-Arvak's skull
-Initiate's ewer
-Harkon's sword
-Auriel's bow
-Auriel's shield
-Malyn Varen's grimoire

All displays are in main chamber/study area, there are also some weapon racks and plaques scattered around the place.
Most of storage is named but there are also some regular containers.
Bed gives well rested bonus.

If you can't find certain display be sure to check screenshots, it's all there.

Whole thing is navmeshed and cleaned with TES5Edit.



Credits and permissions:

Sjogga - dragon claw display script/tutorial
mnikjom - converting this mod to SSE

This file contains custom resources and new meshes created by myself, if you want to use any of them be sure to give proper credit.