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Building a new home? We'll your going to need sawed logs. But wait that means you get to listen to some sweaty guy yammer on about how your doing some building eh? and not to forget he'll have them hauled over right away! This mod allows you to buy as many logs as you can afford at one time through a clever use of a text-box :P

Permissions and credits
Simply adds a shim in the dialog when purchasing logs after he asks how many you would like a textbox pops up and you can enter how many logs you want to buy. Then the conversation continues with the new log number and price and if satisfied you can then hit that conversation option as normal. Less cheaty feeling than spawning them all in. See screenshots it's a really basic mod but I think it adds some much needed tone down of the repetitive dialog.

Known Issues

Numberpad entry does not work, this is a known issue with SkyUILib.