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Fully standalone custom female Nord follower.

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Alicia is a standalone custom follower based off of one of my own RaceMenu presets.  She is a spellsword, with healing capabilities.   You do not need any additional mods to make her look correct.  This is my first follower mod, so if something is messed up or buggy please let me know and I'll do my best to fix it!

Alicia, born Alicia VanHaven, grew up in a small mining community in Northern Skyrim.  Her parents were drinkers, and never paid her much attention.  At the age of 18, she was nearly killed by her father, who was in a drunken rage after she came home late from the mines.  That day, she ran from her home and, with the help of a travelling hunter, made her way to Solitude.  She purchased a set of leather armor with what little money she had saved from mining, and attempted to enlist into the Imperial Army, to explore the world like she had always dreamed.  But she was turned down, the Imperials deciding she was too young and weak for combat.  Lost and without purpose, she prayed to the Divines in the temple for guidance.  The Divines decided to answer her plea, but even she wasn't prepared for the Dragonborn of legend to come walking through the door.

Race: Nord
Age: 18
Body: Custom CBBE
Voice: FemaleYoungEager
Class: Spellsword
Weight: 50
Height: 0.98
Marriageable: Yes
Location: Temple of the Divines, Solitude

Notable Mods Used:
KS Hairdos
Eyes of Beauty

Armor and clothing used in screenshots:
Golden Knight by Sorceress Armors:
Traditional Dress by Apachii Divine Elegance:
Leather Armor modified by Remodeled Armor CBBEV3M:

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