About this mod

A mostly vanilla player home in a beautiful location, not too much clutter, as I think the player should add their own decorations using popular mods, or random items they find on their travels.

No DLC needed

Mostly Vanilla assets

Scroll crafting and Mead crafting!

Looks great with ENB's and texture mods

Permissions and credits
As of 3.0 any users of older versions must empty all their containers and save game in a far away location before updating, as I have moved some of the containers around, sorry for the inconvenience. 

A BIG thank you to Chriz2fer for making this mod possible!  You can find his original mod here

Thanks for doing a showcase on my mod (video is of an early version and is not the latest product)  Tomze! Check out his other  Mod Showcases HERE  ( I love the music in his videos)

Enirac Falls is a medium to large sized player home, situated in a lush sanctuary accessible  via a cave entrance  near the town of Falkreath. The sanctuary offers the player a peaceful and green area to gather their thoughts, harvest  flora and tend the the beekeeper hives there, there is a perch where the player can fish (if you use "Fishing In Skyrim" you will find this useful)  The player home has smithing amenities to the exterior, and a balcony accessible from the interior.

The home has everything you need for cooking, alchemy potion creation, enchanting, mead creation and storage, there are a few weapon racks, and a good number of display cases. The property has a master bedroom and a good sized guest room, a library and study area, and a spring fall bathing area.

Features :

The beekeeper   hives provide honeycombs, a few bees and honey, with a small chance the Queen with gift you with Royal Jelly, which can be eaten, crafted into potions, made into sweet tea or mead at the brewing station.
The hives will respawn every 72 hours.

There is also a kettle for crafting various tea's, all you need is a flagon and a few random ingredients, tea has benefits to the player, but not "OP" And a hot drink can keep off the frost, if but for a while.

On the second floor study there is a scroll crafting station, have a quill handy and a roll of paper, you will need to be at least an Adapt in the required schools of magic depending on the scroll, with exception to the Dead Thrall Scroll and Command Daedra Scroll, you must be a slightly higher level in order to create these scrolls.

I really hope you like the mod, please let me know if there are any problems, and I will surely be updating the mod along the way.

SSE Port coming soon

Enhanced cosmetic file coming soon

Optional file :

With the optional file you can now buy the home from Lucan Valrius (Riverwood Trader) instead of being gifted it, you can buy the "Deeds" for as little as 20000 Septims (at 100 Speech Skill) But you will need to haggle for that price!  The Deeds are in his shop menu under "Clutter".

Future Plans :

Better lighting!

There will be a few unique variants of this mod in the near future, more plant and tree variants to the exterior,  various home set ups, a lore friendly and immersive way to teleport to the location, adoption friendly home, a mine, new and unique furnishings, various styles of property,  I would like to build a Akavir temple here at some point, and DLC features.  If anyone would be kind enough to donate a spare copy of any DLC via Steam, I would be very grateful, as it is unlikely I will be able to acquire them in the foreseeable future. 

Big Thanks to DarkFox127 for the "misc key" script     And everyone at DarkFox127's Discord       I Loves you :D

Thank you Chi, Endola,  Melphist and Eni for helping me bug fix! You rock!