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20 player homes throughout the game PLUS one additional "big house"

Permissions and credits
Way Up High
Where the Bleak Wind blows
And causes Children's Nightmares
At the End
You will find the Key to All
When you find your Voice
Watch the video that is why I made it.
(Video filmed in Special Edition)

Changelog 1.1
Fixed issue with Sea of Ghosts Waystation. Doors now linked to interior.

Changelog 1.2
Fixed issue with Map Marker not appearing for Shor's Stone WayStation
To install Hotfix File: Go to a Vanilla Interior Cell, save, exit game, disable Waystations in your mod manager, return to game load save, and make a clean save.
Install Hotfix by replacing plugin in Data Folder with  plugin contained in the Hotfix file.
If you already installed Hotfix v 1.3 try going to interior cell, save then installing the hotfix and the map marker should appear on the map for Shor's Stone Waystation (if you had discovered it) if it doesn't you will have to follow the above instructions for reinstalling the Hotfix.
This REQUIRES the original mod!
Finally its done!
This is a total re-work of My Waystations of Skyrim mod. But why a re-work? Well the first version of this mod had some major problems, namely that strange swimming effect along the road to Karthwasten near the Gold Mine. I tried to repair it with the original mod but for some reason it wasn't letting me remove the square of water that was floating in the sky. Then I found that the Navmesh Bounds in one of the cells were also broken somehow. All of this caused me to decide to totally re-work the mod.
And then as so many things do, it started to take on a life of its own and I decided to make it bigger, better and stronger than the mod it is replacing. It had to become bionic in a sense.

What this mod does

The mod adds 20 player homes through the game and one large player home/base in the plains of Whiterun. 
I'm not going to list where all of the Waystations are at but you will find them in your travels, and if you are using Frostfall, most likely when you need them the most! If you had downloaded the original version of Waystations you already have a pretty good idea of where the Waystations are at. I didn't really change the locations of them very much. Nor did I change the custom soundtrack included with the mod.

The Custom Shrine is one of My own creations using the Skyrim Logo that KonaKoffee made for me of My avatar/icon. It will increase your Enchanting Ability. Be careful however as there IS an upper level to how powerful you can make your enchantments. I HIGHLY suggest making a save BEFORE starting to experiment with Enchanting.

The exterior models are re-textured versions of the 2 level vanilla farm house and the Jarl's Long House. The interiors also have been re-textured with improved vanilla textures. No need to give anyone credit for that, I did all of that work on My own. All Waystations include full smithing stations outside, and in some cases also include a smelter. A Wood Chopping block is always nearby along with a "firewood storage" container.

Each Waystation now includes 1 player bed and beds for 2 followers, 3 Armor Mannequins (the base they are standing upon is a safe storage container), full cooking, Alchemy and Enchanting workstations
Each Waystation is a fully functional player home meaning you will get the Well Rested Bonus when sleeping in the bed.

Where to get the keys:

Well watch the video! That is what I made it for after all.

At the top of this page (and shown in the video) is a riddle. If you can solve the riddle then you can have the Key to the Waystations and the Key to my Long House for FREE. 
All you have to do is think.
Whhhaaatttt? You don't want to think? Well fine then you pay. Watch video to find out where you can buy the book which gives you the key.
Oh wait but it doesn't give you BOTH keys? Why would it? The key to My Long House is placed elsewhere in the world. You'll find clues in one of the Waystations.


Why is this still a thing?!?
You need all DLCs.

Install with a mod manager of course. I'm not gonna tell you how to install it manually because if you haven't figured that out by now...

Known Issues:

This mod is most likely NOT compatible with Cutting Room Floor

Honestly I have no idea what other town improvement mods it is incompatible with as the ONLY ones I use are Kynesgrove, Shor's Stone and Ivarstead by Arthmoor. Of those three mods I can say this mod is compatible with them.
NO.. I will not make a patch for this mod or that mod because Waystations conflicts with them. I most likely DO NOT use those mods so I have no need to make a patch for them. If you find that Waystations conflicts with another mod you have then you have two options. Make your own patch, or do not use My mod. If you DO make your own patch, contact me and we will work on posting the patch for it.
This mod was not designed to be compatible with everything under the sun. I'm not going to go crazy downloading a bunch of mods I won't use then further that mental insanity by trying to Waystations compatible with them

This places a book in Belethor's Chest. If you have any mods which modify the inventory of his chest make sure this loads after them

I designed this mod for My own use and for My Patreons/Sponsors and because I am a helluva guy like that I decided to share it with you guys.

Insanity for the Banner Mesh
Runspect for the Dragonborn Throne
Doug C for testing and putting with Me
JennCave for teaching me how to properly do exterior Navmesh 
KonaKoffee for the Skyrim Logo
Credit to agarules for identifying needed changes

This mod has been cleaned with TESVedit prior to porting to Special Edition