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This mod changes the levels of many of the enemies in Skyrim and is made to be compatible with most mods, and NO scripts used

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(Sometimes Running means Surviving)
I recommend playing on "adept" difficulty with this in Skyrim, This will be like fighting enemies on Legendary but your weapons do full damage

(Skyrim's difficulty system was made the quickest and laziest way possible, as you increase your difficulty in game, all that really happens is your weapons do less damage, and the enemies does 2x damage(actually enemy stats do not change thru the vanilla system), RunDBRunnn allows your weapons and armor to use the damage/protection the weapons/armor stats show(on Adept difficulty), while increase the enemy levels to "legendary" status!
Had to upload a 2.0, I had missed some templates, no need for clean save just overwrite 1.0

With this mod, the enemies do not scale, they are already at the level they will always be at whether it is level 10, level 130 or level 500, so you will meet enemies with this mod early in the game that you cannot beat yet,
( this mod doesnt hold your hand and make it easier for you just because your a lower level) which in my opinion adds a better feel to the game
( why should every enemy get stronger just because your character did? that seems like a flawed design in the game to me, ,so now if your level 80 that level 10 bandit will still be a level 10 bandit, but the level 250 bandit will still be a level 250 bandit, whether you are level 1 or level 100! 

Every group of bandits will be random, EXAMPLE: in a group of four there could be a level 10, level 50, level 30, and level 200, so just because the first shot with an arrow did a one shot kill on that enemy, does not mean its now ok to rush in "swords a blazing"!


  • 0 scripts, can install and uninstall at any time

  •               Most Enemies have just as much, if not more stamina then you, so they can chase you down
  • Un-leveler, yes you can now meet an enemy that is level 100 at level 1 (ebony warrior is no longer the only badass in Skyirm
  • bandits carry more than garbage weapons, the can be found with glass bows, ebony great swords and more, right from the start, killing them and taking them from them will be awhole other thing
  • Think you are the only mage that can use spells like firestorm, blizzard, and lightning storm? (shakes head) not anymore! (Higher level enemy mages)
  • a few bandits can shout
  • This goes beyond bandits, drauger, spiders, the days of one hit kills on a giant are over
  • most enemies do not level up with the PC, they are already at that level, ranging from level 10 to level 500 (higher ranked enemies)
  • no more running head on into a bandit camp without consequences
  • Now mods like SUBMIT, DEFEAT, DEATH ALTERNATIVE, will always matter
  • has you get to higher levels , much harder enemies will appear
  • not all enemies are tough, some are still weak bitches
  • Did not touch the original Vanilla Vampires, that will be in the Dawnguard edition
  • Should be compatible with everything, only thing altered is encBandit01Template and similar files

Reasons for this mod:
  • As already stated, Death Alt and other mods now are always in play, no matter how strong the Dragonborn gets
  • You need to learn to make stronger Armor
  • you will need stronger weapons
  • sometimes,  you get beat down in defeat or DA, you will have to find a more strategic way to get to the one who robbed you
  • Shield's now become important along with wards 
  • you now have a challenge when you going on a radiant quest to retrieve a stupid amulet
  • sometimes you really do have to run!
  • Xtreme version Has all Templates leveled up, 2.0 is Just bandits , mages and a few draugr





mod manager or just drop it into your data folder and activate the esp file

should be lower in the load order, or even at the bottom, above bash patches thou

if you don't see the stronger enemies right off, its in the Skyrim game, sometimes things will not change until there is a cell reset, I have my game cells reseting every 144 in game ours, after time you will meet them



should not be any conflicts


Future plans:
add a DLC version