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Adds 6 new illusion spells. All spells are non-projectile and make for stealthy characters.

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The SSE version is here: HERE
Check out my Discord HERE
This mod adds some non-projectile illusion spells. These spells are made for stealth build type characters, but can be used by anyone. They work with just about any perk mod overhaul. They can also a bit over powered. All the spells will work on any enemy and and all but one will leave you undetected.

All the spells are cast instantly on the target and all but the damaging spell will leave you undetected. This spell package is meant for powerful illusionist characters. I made this for personal use years ago, but decided to polish it up a little. It's pretty overpowered, but it's very fun. I would recommend only using Rage and Peace, personally. Bravery if you like to roll with followers. Infected and Stun are a little too OP, but i included them to fill out the power pool. I would recommend using the Infection spell in the mid to late game and the Stun spell when you're desperate.

The reason these spells work on every NPC type is that they "twist the souls" or the consciousness of the target. So the dwemer automatons are affected since they're powered by soul gems. I know they aren't being controlled by the soul, but rather the energy, but I like to think it corrupts the source of that energy/the link between the soul, Ideal Masters, and the power provided in the gem. As for the undead, they still have their consciousness in some form. As for Dragons, I haven't tested these spells on them. So uh...good luck with that. I swear, I'm still not a real modder. I'll take some feedback, but no promises I'll change anything unless it's broken.

The Spells

Effect: Twist the mind of your target, unleashing the internal rage that lays within them. If your target doesn't have a mind to twist, the spell will bend their very soul. Will not alert the target
Base Magicka: 65
Range: 800 feet
Duration: 60 Seconds

Effect: Twist the mind of your target, making them feel at ease and peaceful.
Base Magicka: 65
Range: 800 feet
Duration: 60 Seconds

Effect: Make the target feel very brave and ready to fight harder than ever.
Base Magicka: 20
Range: 800 feet
Duration: 60 Seconds

Effect: Cause the target to see their worst fears come to life. All logic is lost and replaced with nightmares.
Base Magicka: 65
Range: 800 feet
Duration: 60 Seconds

Effect: Force the target to believe they have every illness imaginable. They believe it so much they feel physical pain. Depending on their actual health, they'll likely die for realsies.
Base Magicka: 75
Range: 800 feet
Duration: 60 Seconds

Effect: Paralyze the target with images of something so shocking they just freeze up!
Base Magicka: 85
Range: 800 feet
Duration: 20 Seconds

Right outside Riverwood at the camp. Check the screenshots

Should work with everything. It's just one esp file and nothing else

Skyrim and that's it.
(Recommended: Grim's Utilities for spell hot-keying or your favorite spell hotkey mod)

Credits and Permission
I did everything all by myself
Don't upload this anywhere please.
If you want to build on top of this, you can just do it, but just give me credit as Jinxxed0