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Enmity is part of the Beastmaster class that summons Dangerous Bees to help aide the player and distract enemies. Beekeeper at day and INN server at night Enmity can share recent rumors and aid the player during quest. UNP and CBBE available with HDT hair as well as static hair to choose from.

Permissions and credits

Enmity the Beekeeper

Location: Depends on the time of the day
Mornings at her camp behind the Rorikstead Inn
Afternoons wandering town, helping with farming
Early evenings until 2am working as an Inn Server at the Frostfruit Inn in Rorikstead
Race: custom used but based on Imperial
Fighting Style: Supportive, she favors archery but will engage in melee too
Special Abilities: has the power to summon swarms of Dangerous Bees. Knows of rumors for quest
Additional Info: Comes with two hair wigs, she will always favor the static wig but if the player removes it then
she will use the HDT wig.

AFT Users Tweak Options>Gear>Enable Outfit
AFT Users also go into her backpack, remove everything from it and put into her inventory.
She won't use her bow and axe unless you do this. Also her HDT hair maybe in the backpack as well.

Dangerous Bees

Location: summon by Enmity
Race: Dangerous Bee
Fighting Style: Supportive, little level 1 bee warriors with only 15 health, will attack in swarms,
causing distractions and confusion among enemies
Special Abilities: have the power to summon swarms of dangerous bees

Install with your favorite mod manager and play
NMM Users: you maybe asked to overwrite  4 files if you have Yundao Hair installed. Although it most likely wouldn't matter if you choose yes or no to all, I would personally suggest choosing "No to All" in the case Clonereal updates Yundao hair.. But other then that it shouldn't matter.

You would need to check the mod authors listed in my credits to use any assets contained in this mod.
SSE ports, translations ports are okay by me with credit but also check the credits to make sure it's okay by those mod authors as well.
Also don't not sale this mod, all ports must be free of annoying donation pop-up windows.

Speaking of donations,
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- Danariel for the Pretty Lips mod
- AluminumFoil for Eyebrows Match Hair
- tktk1 for Pretty Face Pack textures
- MrTroubleMaker for the Subsurface Maps resource
- ChronoTrigger77 for reweighting the meshes
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Face Parts and hair

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Creation Kit
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ENB used in screenshots
Kwanon by Hhaley

Shout outs to Clonereal, Hhaley, Eries, Honeyvanity, the China man that made Fengwu, Yurica, all my bros and hoes from Skyrim Vietnam, Skyrim Unlimited, Extreme, Modding Sanc, C.Redford, Chicken Platter Tao, Eddie W, C Morrow, Lance Nutter in the P, Tap Gaming, Aviee, Mihail mods, Skyrim Mod Hoarders, Shatterhelm, all the endorsers, screenarchers etc..