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Sapphire is now marriageable and will follow you in battle!

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This file will let you marry the infamous Sapphire. She will also fight for you.
I might add other files pertaining to her (like beefing her up in skills and such)

Drag the .esp file to your skyrim DATA folder.

1. You have to get sapphire to talk to you! To do this talk to Shadr in Riften.
2. Tell Shadr you'd help his poor ass.
3. Run to Sapphire (Riften's Inn) and talk to sapphire about Shadr's Debt.
*NOTE: DO NOT ENGAGE in any other dialogue with her other than about shadr's debt!
4. I recommend paying her the money, but I guess you can choose.
5. Go back to Shadr and tell him what happened.
6. Go back to Sapphire and Now she'll follow you if you want her too!
1. Do all the above steps.
2. Go to Marmmal (Idk how to spell his name sorry) the Riften's Priest (Temple mara or INN)
3. Buy the Amulet of Mara off of him. (Ask for more info about temple of Mara or teachings..)
4. Go to sapphire!
5. Click on the dialogue "intrested in me, are you?" -something like that
6. Go back to priest boy -Marmal-
7. Say You want to have wedding
8. Wait til designated time