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In-game books that very briefly describes almost all vanilla map locations, divided by map icon type. Good if you disable map markers!

Permissions and credits
Geographica Skyrim & Solstheim
Version 0.95


The Dragonborn is walking in Solitude when they happen to find themselves beside a guard.
Dragonborn: “Excuse me guard, but where can I find some work? "
Solitude Guard, “The road to Whiterun's not safe these days. Lots of travelers just... disappear, south of Dragon Bridge. Can't find a trace of them.
Dragonborn: “That so? What is this Chillwind Depths like? Do you know anything about it? "
Solitude Guard: “I used to be an adventurer like you.”
Dragonborn: “That's great! Did it take you to Chillwind Depths? "
Solitude Guard: “Until I took an arrow to the knee...
Dragonborn: “So, what does your knee have to do with Chillwind Depths? "
Solitude Guard: “No lollygagging! "[Guard walks away]

Dragonborn thinking: "Stupid guard, good thing I have my Skyrim Geographica.... let's see, Chillwind Depths is a cave... that's in volume one... and it says...
ChillwindDepths - A mountain cavern south of Dragon Bridge, on the border of Hjaalmarch and The Reach.
... nothing. That doesn't help, dangit!”

After exploring Chillwind Depths, the Dragonborn thinking: “Well, that place was kinda mundane: falmer... some okay loot... not much to say about the place... I guess just as much as the Skyrim Geographica did!”

The Lore-friendly explanation (kinda):
Some poor amateur scribe working at the White Gold Tower archives room 10 to 12 hours a day decided to take what little time they had left in a day compile and greatly shorten all the information found by adventures on the province of Skyrim and the island of Solstheim.  The scribe was able to shorten it to one volume for Solstheim and four volumes for Skyrim, unofficially publishing them at the end of 4E 200.

This is a set of four books for Skyrim and one for Solstheim that make small notes and details for almost all of the places on your main map so you can gather basic information without leaving your game. This does not include extensive notes on cities as there are already in-game books (A Gentleman's Guide to Whiterun, for example) that covers this.

It only uses Skyrim assets and does not require any other expansions even though the text within the books assumes you have all expansions and official updates. Any location from an expansion will note it is from Hearthfires with (HF) or from Dawnguard with (DG).

It does not include any mod locations or changes including the Unofficial Patches.

It includes some quest notes including quests that you walk right in to, some that do not show in your journal and some special location quest notes. It also includes locations (that they are in that location, not exact directions) for all word walls, all dragon priest masks, all bugs in jars, all Barenziah gems and 22 Solstheim pendants.
There are also some of my personal notes about a few locations. Please Note: Some of this is my own opinion and conjecture.

0.96 - Initial release. Copy & paste from a text editor. (No longer available)
0.98 – Small changes based on unneeded words, spell checking, etc. Standing Stones added.
(No longer available)
1.0 – Claws added, final changes: Final Release.


Into your Skyrim Data directory or use a mod manager.
Since these are only books and I never plan on changing the covers and/or locations of the books, you should be able to simply overwrite the file and it will change to the new text in-game. This is what i did creating the new version.

Getting them:
There is the four book Skyrim set in The Sleeping Giant Inn in the double bedroom under the table on the floor.
There is the Solstheim book on
a rock by a brazier on the Windhelm docks.
There is the four book Skyrim set and Solstheim book in the College of Winterhold, the Arcanaeum, in Urag go-Shub's desk.

You can also open the console and type
help geographica
to get the book codes to add them this way.

Q: Why didn't you include ____?
A: I would prefer to keep it at 4 volumes at 24-ish in game pages each and not make it massive. This includes not mentioning civil war camps, skill books, enemies in each location, major cities and towns and a lot of other stuff.
I'd prefer complaints of it being “thin” than “too bulky to use”.

Q: I found a mistake...
A: Literally spending my evenings after work, abandoning all else including family to do this, I figure I did my best. You can fix your copy if you wish.

Q:Why is Solstheim got more page breaks than Skyrim?
A: Page breaks were used to prevent only a title (CAVES for example) to be at the bottom of a right side page. With many titles have a short number of places this happened a lot in Geographica Solstheim and not so much in Geogragphica Skyrim.

Q: How is this lore-friendly?
A: No, it really isn't. It assumes someone in the year before Skyrim starts basically did everything already.

Q: Will there be updates?
A: Only if a busy life allows me more time, and the great need is there. I have some OCD about doing some basic edits so I am making some time.

Q: Can I include this in ___?
A: Credit me, link to the mod page, but that is all: I don't need asked as I only compiled this from existing data. Do not upload this mod to Steam Workshop as your own file, and I request that if it is a part of your own mod uploaded to Steam this mod is not more than 15%.

Bethesda Softworks for Skyrim and the assets
The Unofficial Elder Scrolls Pages: Skyrim wiki for most of the information and all the generic descriptions.