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Adds a wagon workshop to the town of Rorikstead with/without and town overhaul.

Permissions and credits

Two new patches are available:
'JK's Rorikstead' & "JK's Skyrim' all in one. Please note that these patches are for the 'Rorikstead Wagons.esp'
and NOT for the Rorikstead Wagons and Town Overhaul.esp'

UPDATE:Version 1.1 for the TOWN OVERHAUL is now out. IMPORTANT: if you are updating from v1.0 to v.1.1, make sure to delete the 'Rorikstead Wagons and Town Overhaul.bsa' file first. I'm not using the .bsa anymore in trying to eliminate the grey face issue.

New in version 1.1:
- New farm added
- New blacksmith added. He seems to have a little bit more wealth than your normal blacksmith does. He also has a little secret.
- Lokir's house. Since Helgen is in the Falkreath hold, Lokir's body was most likely transported to Falkreath's Hall of the Dead before he was buried, even somewhere else. So this is where you will find (or rather steal) the key to his house as it was removed from his body before he was buried. Or you could just break in, just make sure no one sees you. Inside you will find the reason why he was fleeing Skyrim of course.
- Some smaller detail added to the town

Ever wondered where all the wagons in Skyrim come from? Well, my friend, wonder no more. That's because they are all made at the Rorikstead Wagons Workshop!

This mod has two parts:

1. It adds a house and workshop right next to the town of Rorikstead. If you just want the workshop, then you need to download the : 'Rorikstead Wagons' file.

2. The second file adds to workshop, but also does an overhaul of the town to make it feel more lively and homely. NOTE: Rorikstead is a farming town, and thus I didn't want to loose that feel to it. There it must remain small and mostly must focus on farms.

- The workshop adds a nice structure to where the wagons are being made. 
- A family that runs the workshop. They also have a teen daughter there (she is the one shorter than her mother)
- A Khajiit that works for the family.
- Two guards hired by the family

- A new family running the produce facilities.
- A new merchant selling some of the farm produce
- The Rorik Manor now looks more like a manor
- Two town 'gates' that is unique from other towns.

Just the latest Skyrim

If you use the town overhaul file, then this will obviously not be compatible with any other mod that also changes the Rorikstead town. If you only use the Wagons Workshop file, then there might be other town overhaul mods that it might be compatible if they don't use the same space as the workshop. 

If there are mods that is slightly incompatible, just let me know and maybe I will make a patch for it.

There is now a compatibility patch for ETaC, just make sure you load them in the right order:
- ETaC - Rorikstead
- Rorikstead Wagons
- Rorikstead Wagons ETaC patch


Automatic  Download with NMM
- Click the Download with manager button on top of the file.
- Rorikstead Wagons will appear in the NMM's Mods list once it's downloaded. Double-click the Rorikstead Wagons entry to Activate it.


Manual Download with NMM
- Start NMM and click on Mods.
- In the left icon bar, click on Add Mod rom File and select the downloaded archive file.
Rorikstead Wagons will now appear in the list. Double-click to Activate it.


Manual Installation
- Locate the Data/ folder in your Skyrim installation directory. Typically it's found at Program Files/Steam/steamapps/common/skyrim/Data/.
- Extract the contents of the downloaded archive file to your Data/ folder. Make sure the 'Meshes" folder goes into the 'Meshes' folder in your Skyrim Data folder. The same for the 'Textures' folder.
- In the Skyrim Launcher, select Data Files and enable '
Rorikstead Wagons.esp'

If for some strange reason you want to get rid of the mod, then just make sure you are away from Rorikstead, save and then go delete the 'Rorikstead Wagons' .esp and .bsa files, or the 'Rorikstead Wagons and Town Overhaul' .esp and .bsa files if you are using them.

Known Issues
Let me know if you find any.

If you are seeing a big tear in the ground in front of the workshop, just move this mod much lower in you load order. Sometime mods like "Carriage Stops of Skyrim" changes the same area and then you need my mod to overwrite any of those changes made.

It seems the merchant still does not have the right voice type, causing her to have silent sentences at times. This will be fixed with the next update.

Always save and backup your save files before trying out new mods!

I didn't add any scipts, so the file should be safe. I did clean the file with Tes5Edit. I did make adjustments to the terrain and navmesh, but I did not change the vanilla navmesh, I just moved it out of the way, and handmade my own new navmesh for affected areas.

Most of the newly added NPC's are essential, so they won't die. That's just the way I like to do it.

Change Log
1.1 - Added a farm
- Added a blacsmith
- Added Lokir's house
- Added some smaller detail to the town

1.0 Initial release

Legal / Licence / Permission
If you want to change my mod, or add anything to it, ask me 1st. Remember: credit must be given where it is due.

This mod may never be sold for any money.
This mod may not be uploaded anywhere else without my approval.

Bethesda for this awesome game
DarkFox127 for some really good tutorial videos
Gopher for the tutorial on cleaning a mod using Tes5Edit.

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