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Simple lightweight lock bashing mod for Skyrim.

Permissions and credits
A backport/reupload of mzin's lock bashing mod from Skyrim SE. Credits to him, uploaded with free permissions from his mod page.

Super Simple Lock Bash adds the ability to bash open locked doors and chests.
This mod was designed to be as simple as possible and to fit into the vanilla Skyrim experience.


Requires the Dawnguard and Dragonborn DLCs. Does not require SKSE.


To bash a lock, attack it with your weapon or your fists.
If you succeed, the lock will open. If you fail, the lock will remain closed.
If you need to keep trying, the screen will shake slightly.
If it is impossible to bash open a lock, you will get a warning message.

Success is based on your level, weapon skill, the weapon material, the lock difficulty and luck.
You get better at bashing locks when you level up, increase your weapon skill, or use a stronger weapon.

Bashing locks in a dungeon is noisy and may alert near by enemies.
Bashing locks in a shop may alert the guards.

For a detailed description of the formulas used see the Formula.txt within the archive, or check the Docs tab on this page.


Compatible with Destructible Display Cases. Both mods will perform their functions normally. You can still bash the locks open on display cases and/or break the glass.

Original SSE version here: