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Replaces the Akaviri Katana laying on the table in Sky Haven Temple with Dragonboon and the one-handed skill book next to it with Part one of Hylgrym (which also grants one-handed skill), the sword and former owner's origin story.

Aside from being well-crafted, Dragonboon is designed to compliment Voice-wielding fighters: Equipped shouts manifest in some capacity on strike (if there is enough charge). The sword takes a short while between strikes to Manifest again but most effects it produces last for the cooldown duration.

Please note that the manifestations are expensive; each manifestation costs 2000 currently and the sword can retain up to 20,000 in charge.

Note: At this time not *all* Shouts are supported. Dragonrend and a few scattered others do not produce effects. They will in the next update but the effects will be entirely custom.

Next update: Magicka will slowly trickle into the weapon and recharge it. You may also absorb/convert a Dragon Soul to fully charge the weapon.

(Currently planned) For the future: A side-quest related to making the sword more stable and boost its effects against Dragons; unique characters; additional parts to Hylgrym; effects to note when the sword is ready/charging/spent; a new dungeon to enhance the Dragonboon's general power; new custom effects, and new art for the sword itself.

Some examples:

Slow Time will produce a Time Slowing effect while also enhancing your speed to 150%.
DragonBreath (Fire) will produce an inferno centered on you.
Elemental Storm will grant a powerful Stamina restoration effect.
Unrelenting Force will stagger those around you.
Throw Voice will turn you Invisible and cast a Detect Life variant that functions outdoors.