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Mini-mod that makes it so Eorlund Gray-Mane sells Ancient Nord Armor.

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This mini-mod adds Ancient Nord Armor to the shop inventory of Eorlund Gray Mane. This means that you can purchase a set from him every time his shop inventory resets (which is every two days by default).

The reason for why I made this mod is, that Ancient Nord Armor is kinda hard to get; especially if you are still at a low level. And the stats of it are really low (same as iron armor); so it's not game-breaking if you are able to purchase it right away (if you have the gold). It's mainly for looks anyway. Also, it kinda makes sense for him to sell it... what if Aela ever needs a replacement?

Should work with all language versions of the game, since it does not edit any strings.


Use a mod manager (highly recommended) or manually drop the esp-file into your data-folder.

Compatibility and Conflicts:

Should be compatible with most mods. No conflicts I'm aware of; but will conflict with mods that edit Eorlund's merchant chest.