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Realistic style presets for vanilla lighting/weather and for NLA plugin

Permissions and credits

by mobiusbelmont

The Baltic States ENBs are realistic presets with a color scheme inspired by the flag of each country.

currently supports ENB binary 431 or higher

NLA update coming soon.  Old versions for binary 319 and 377 are available in the old files section

ENB versions on this page are for vanilla lighting/weather or for the NLA plugin

Estonian ENB: realism with cool colors

Latvian ENB
: realism with warm colors 

Lithuanian ENB: vibrant and saturated realism

1.Copy the d3d9.dll and enbhost files from here to your Skyrim folder (wrapper version 431 or higher)

2.Copy and paste your chosen Baltic ENB files to your Skyrim folder. Choose from Lithuanian, Latvian, or Estonian edition.   

3.Edit your skyrimprefs.ini and set the following values:

- thread fixes are disabled by default
- depth of field is ENABLED by default, disable through ENB GUI or via enbseries.ini file.  change EnableDepthOfField=false

- parallax terrain is disabled by default

- auto detect memory size is enabled by default.  Disable it if you what to set your own videomemorysizeMB in ENBlocal

- to enable/disable letterbox effect (black bars on top and bottom of the screen), open enbseries folder and look for effect.ini.  Open the effect.txt.ini and change  letterbox to true to enable, false to disable

For more advice on optimizing Skyrim and ENB check out:

1) Optimization Guide for Skyrim and ENB :

2) S.T.E.P Guide:

Vivid Weathers edition of Baltic States is here :

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Boris Vorontsov - ENB Series Developer
Confidence Man for the outstanding NLA plugin
Koblack for modifications for DoF
Matso- DoF (