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Adds a way to ride Odahviing without having to use Bend Will on him.

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Let's Ride Odahviing
Ever wonder why you had to effectively enslave a dragon who is supposed to be your ally just to ride him (or lose the opportunity because the shout cooldown lasted to long), especially after he lets you ride him during the main quest? I sure did. So, after I saw John255's Let's Ride Durnehviir, I thought "Why not do the same for Odahviing?"

This mod adds a lesser power, called "Mount Odahviing", that emulates the dragon taming aspect of Bend Will and is specific to Odahviing, to the player upon completing the main quest, allowing you to ask Odahviing to let you ride him without enslaving him. He'll behave the same way a dragon enslaved by Bend Will does.

Odahviing will still speak to you as though enslaved by Bend Will. As far as I can tell, this is part of the dragon riding mechanic and I'd rather not mess with that, nor have Odahviing be completely voiceless while riding him.

Let's Ride Durnehviir (which inspired this mod in the first place): (Users of Skyrim LE will need to extract the BSA)
Command Dragon: Ultimate Dragon Riding: (SE users will need to extract the BSA)